4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Massachusetts

4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Massachusetts

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sewer camera inspection in Massachusetts by MillTown

Are your plumbing systems acting strange? Is your toilet backing up despite not having an obvious clog? It might be time for a sewer camera inspection in Massachusetts! Sewer cameras consist of a camera at one end of a long, flexible rod that connects to a computer to show a live feed of what’s inside your sewer pipes. Call our highly-skilled professionals, and we’ll be able to get your pipes cleaned out. But how does sticking a camera into your pipes help you get your pipes fixed?

Here are four ways a sewer camera inspection in Massachusetts can help solve your plumbing problems:

Get the right fix the first time

There are a variety of reasons your drain pipe may not be working. Things flushed down the toilet or the sink drain may have caused a blockage, tree roots might have grown into the pipe, or the sewer line may be cracked or disconnected. There’s also the possibility you have a water leak. Each problem requires its own unique solution, and a sewer line camera can help us figure out exactly what we need to do to fix it.

Avoid unnecessary digging

Usually, the only way to get a good look at your pipes is to dig into your yard and look at the pipes. Not anymore! Sewer camera inspections offer a non-intrusive way to look at your pipes without tearing up your garden.

Receive a reference video for insurance

When we check out your pipes with a sewer line camera, you also get a video of the footage for your own use. This can be useful if you have to explain to your insurance agency what happened.

Much cheaper

As well as being cheaper and faster than digging for pipes, a sewer camera inspection can help you locate early warning signs of bigger problems. By finding these issues and dealing with them quickly, you can save more money by not undergoing serious repairs.

Why choose MillTown to fix my plumbing problems?

MillTown has been helping homeowners in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire with their homes for forty years. Our certified experts and devotion to high-quality performance are the reasons we’re a trusted name in the areas we cover. Our uniformed plumbers will arrive with a truck fully stocked with the latest in plumbing technology, ready to make your plumbing like brand new. If you need a sewer camera inspection in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, call MillTown today and we can make your pipe dreams a reality!


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6 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts

6 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts

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AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts by MillTown

There are still two full months of summer left! Your AC may be on, but is it ready to tackle the summer heat August and September bring?  The people at MillTown suggest that you get an AC tune-up in Massachusetts to make sure it runs well. Here are six reasons you should give it some maintenance now before it’s too late!

Benefits of an AC tune-up in Massachusetts

  1. Lower electricity bills. Summers are hot- there’s no way around it. It’s likely that you’ll want to be running your AC most days, but that can create a steep increase in electrical bills. A system with clogged filters and failing parts will need to work harder to do the same work. By tuning up your AC now, you’re increasing its efficiency and lowering your utility bills.
  2. More comfort. What would you call an AC that can’t keep you cool? A bad one. Summers can be tough even for modern systems. Because of this, if you want to keep it running at a constant cool, you’ll want our professionals at Milltown to make sure your AC is running at top performance.
  3. Fewer breakdowns. If you use your AC system this summer, are you certain that it won’t fail to start up? Do you know for sure that it’ll run smoothly all season? If you’re not sure, give us a call! Our tune-ups come with a complete inspection that can identify problems before they cause a breakdown.
  4. Cheaper repair bills. In the event that your AC winds up needing repairs, they’ll likely be cheaper if you’ve gotten maintenance beforehand. The reason for that is because our maintenance addresses the more costly problems (like air flow issues and broken parts) during our inspections.
  5. Extended AC lifespan. If you want your AC system to stay operational for a long time, you’ll want to give it regular maintenance. By routinely checking on your AC and preventing breakdowns, we can help extend your AC’s lifespan by years. Without regular maintenance, the average AC only lasts a few years.
  6. Better air quality. During the months where you never use your AC, various bits of dust and grime build up in it. When you turn it on, all that nasty junk is going to go into the air, which can hurt your air quality and aggravate those summer allergies. When you call Milltown to give your AC a tune-up, we’ll clean it out, ensuring that your home’s air stays fresh.

Why is MillTown the best choice for getting an AC tune-up in Massachusetts?

Since 1979, MillTown has provided for homeowners in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We’re committed to providing our customers 100% satisfaction as we perform high-quality, same day service. Our certified experts and devotion to high-quality performance are the reasons we’re a trusted name in the areas we cover. Make sure you’ll be feeling cool this summer and call MillTown for an AC tune-up today!

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Warm Weather is Here – Get a New AC From MillTown!

Warm Weather is Here – Get a New AC From MillTown!

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AC replacement in Massachusetts by MillTown

Do you need AC replacement? MillTown can tell you the signs that you’ll need an AC replacement in Massachusetts. In addition, we can tell you why it’s a good idea to get a newer model.

First, here are six signs you should get an AC replacement in Massachusetts:

The AC reached retirement age.

Well-maintained AC units can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If your AC has reached this point and isn’t working like it used to, it might be time to retire it. It may seem like a major cost, but don’t worry! You can use this opportunity to purchase a modern unit that’s more energy efficient.

The AC has a refrigerant leak.

A refrigerant leak is a serious problem with your AC. The leaking coolant can pose a health risk to your family and the water leakage can damage your home. It’s possible to fix serious leaks by getting a new coil, but it might be a sign you should get a new AC.

A repair would cost too much.

Sometimes replacement parts and repairs for your AC don’t justify their high costs. It gets more unappealing when you’re talking about a unit with an expired warranty. If this is the case, you should pick up a new unit and get a new warranty.

The AC is making strange noises.

Is your AC operating louder than it normally does? AC units are supposed to run quietly, so any grinding, banging, or rattling noises are a major concern. These noises can represent something like a slipped belt or broken motor bearings. If these issues aren’t fixed quickly, you’ll have a costly repair or replacement on your hands.

The AC air isn’t cold.

If you turn on the AC and cool air doesn’t come out within a few minutes, there’s a problem. A wide variety of issues can cause this problem, like low Freon levels or a broken compressor. Whatever the case may be, it’s an obvious sign that your AC has an issue.

The AC needs frequent repairs.

You may want to keep an AC operational for a good while through repeated repairs. However, doing this may eventually lead you to spend more than you would from getting a replacement. This is more likely if your warranty has expired and isn’t helping with repair costs. It’s likely cheaper to simply bite the bullet and get an AC replacement in Massachusetts

Next, here are four benefits of switching out to a better AC model:

Reduced energy usage

Air conditioners have improved a lot in the past ten or twenty years. Not only do we have ones that can cool entire houses, but they’re also more efficient than before. These efficient ACs can do more work with the same amount of energy older models could output. In addition to being better at using energy, these ACs will result in lower utility bills.

Increased comfort

As ACs get older, they’ll have a harder time keeping you and your home cool. By switching to a newer model, you can reset the clock on your AC’s lifespan and guarantee yourself a cool home. In addition, newer ACs tend to have longer lifespans than older models.

Better air quality

The other purpose of ACs is to keep the air in your home clean. Newer models come with a variety of features that help your home’s air quality, including ventilation, humidity control, and superior air purification. If you’ve had troubles with humidity or ventilation, most new ACs are compatible with HVAC add-ons.

Increased home resale value

If someone is looking for a new home, they generally don’t want one they’ll have to renovate for a year after moving in. Because of this, they’ll often look for homes that have recently been renovated. One of the things they’ll look at is a home’s AC system. If you get an AC replacement in Massachusetts, it’ll boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers.

What makes MillTown a good choice for someone looking for a home service company?

MillTown is a company known for their long service record in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We help homeowners with a wide variety of issues, and we can repair or replace your AC unit in a snap! All of our highly-trained technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to quickly and efficiently give you an AC replacement in Massachusetts. If you need a company that can provide reliable home service help for an affordable price, call MillTown right away!

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