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Backflow Prevention in Chelmsford

Backflow Prevention in the Merrimack Valley

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy water supply in your home involves backflow prevention. Backflow describes the undesirable reverse flow of water or wastewater or other liquids from a customer’s premises back into the public water supply. This occurs when there is a sudden drop in water pressure, such as during a main line break. Backflow can pose a serious health risk because it can allow contaminated water to enter the public water supply, contaminating the water that others use for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

The solution to this problem is backflow prevention devices which work by creating a physical barrier to prevent the reverse flow of water. There are several types of backflow prevention devices available, including air gaps, reduced pressure backflow preventers, and double-check valves. These devices automatically close and prevent backflow in the event of a drop in water pressure, ensuring that the water in the public supply remains safe to use.

Backflow Preventer Benefits

Backflow prevention devices are installed at the water main where clean water enters your property’s plumbing system. These devices rely on a specially devised valve or an air gap to prevent the flow of water from reversing. Generally, municipalities require that homeowners install a backflow prevention system in their plumbing system.

The benefits of installing a backflow preventer include:

  • Protects your health
  • Prevents contamination
  • Meets code requirements
  • Enhances reliability

MillTown’s Backflow Prevention Guarantee

If your home is having a problem with backflow, you need to have a backflow preventer installed. This is a complicated job that needs to be performed by one of the licensed plumbers at MillTown to ensure it meets local municipal code regulations and functions properly.

The team of experienced plumbers here at MillTown has over 40 years of installing backflow preventers in homes in the greater Lowell area. MillTown Plumbing can install backflow prevention devices quickly, cost-effectively and in full compliance with municipal codes. MillTown only uses the highest quality products so you’re investment will be reliable for years to come.

To find out more about backflow prevention or our other plumbing services, call MillTown today!

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