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Sewer Camera Inspection in Chelmsford

Sewer Camera Inspection In The Merrimack Valley

If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s drains, then you’re best advised to call a professional plumber for sewer camera inspection. In the past, one of the obstacles to quick sewer repairs was the fact that it was so difficult to locate the problem. Sewer lines run below floors and underground, so it’s impossible to visually pinpoint holes or lose connections. Until the development of this special technology, plumbers had to carefully assess the situation and try to access the damaged part of the sewer by excavating it. Needless to say, it was a drawn-out, messy job that caused a lot of inconvenience to homeowners.

Benefits of Sewer Inspection

 All of that changed with the development of video camera technology for plumbing. This technology is very similar to CCTV, and basically involves the insertion of a tiny video camera at the end of a long cable into the drain. The technician can manually operate the camera, which then sends images back to a handheld monitor. This allows us to actually see the inside of your drain! Naturally, it takes the guesswork out of leak detection, clog removal, and other problems.

The benefits of sewer camera inspection include:

  • No excavation needed! It’s a totally non-invasive technology.
  • Quick location of the problem(s).
  • The ability to check after repairs or replacement to see if everything’s in good working order.
  • Less inconvenience to the homeowner.
  • Lower costs.

Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection Services

  1. Drain and sewer line inspections: A drain camera is used to identify blockages, clogs, tree root intrusion, or damaged pipes within the drain and sewer lines.
  2. Plumbing diagnostics: Drain cameras help diagnose plumbing issues by visually inspecting the interior of pipes, identifying leaks, cracks, or other structural problems.
  3. Pipe locating: Drain cameras can be used to locate the exact position and depth of underground pipes, which is helpful during construction or when planning plumbing repairs.
  4. Maintenance and preventive inspections: Regular drain camera inspections can be performed as part of a maintenance routine to proactively identify any developing issues or to ensure the drains and sewer lines are functioning optimally.
  5. Industrial and commercial applications: Drain cameras are utilized in industrial and commercial settings to inspect larger diameter pipes, drainage systems, and complex plumbing networks.
  6. Septic system inspections: Drain cameras can be used to inspect septic system components, including pipes, distribution boxes, and septic tanks, ensuring they are functioning properly and without any blockages or damage.
  7.  Sewer repair or drain cleaning inspections: After drain repairs or cleaning, a drain camera inspection is performed to verify the success of the repair or cleaning process and ensure the drains are fully clear and functioning as intended.

Call MillTown for Sewer Inspection

If you live in the Greater Lowell area and your experiencing problems with your property’s sewer, then call MillTown for sewer camera inspection. One of our highly experienced Master Plumbers will come to your home and assess the situation. He can use video inspection to diagnose the problem and provide you with a transparent quote regarding the costs involved in fixing the problem.

When you choose MillTown, you can be sure you’re getting top-rated plumbing services. All of our plumbers are fully licensed and screened, plus, we all strive for plumbing excellence and outstanding customer service. Find out why so many homeowners in the greater Lowell area rely on us for their plumbing services: call MillTown today!

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