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Why DIY Drain Cleaning Can Be A Bad Idea

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Can Be A Bad Idea

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Putting food scraps down your drain may seem like a simple and easy solution to cleaning dishes and silverware this holiday season. Even in liquid form, most sauces and scraps should be disposed of in the trash instead of the sink. Putting these foods down the drain can often cause a blockage. Your first inclination may be to go purchase some drain cleaner to clear that clog. By putting those chemicals down your drain, you may unknowingly be causing more harm than good. In this blog post, we go over why DIY drain cleaning can be a bad idea.

The Dangers Of DIY Drain Cleaning

Liquid drain cleaners are harmful to your body

The harsh chemicals in store-bought liquid drain cleaners can seriously damage your skin and eyes if it comes in contact with either. The chemicals can also saturate the air you breathe, negatively affecting your breathing. 

Liquid drain cleaners are harmful to your plumbing and sewage systems

While these chemicals are designed to destroy blockages, they don’t just stop there. PVC plumbing can be seriously damaged as a result of using these store-bought drain cleaners. Older plumbing is susceptible to damage as well if they have been compromised by corrosion from old age.

Liquid drain cleaners are harmful to the environment

Out of sight, out of mind is not the mentality you should have when using these DIY drain cleaning products. The chemicals found within them negatively affect the environments they end up in, whether that’s public sewage or a septic tank. These chemicals can seep into the soil and into groundwater causing further damage.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you should start preparing yourself. By keeping this information in mind, you will prevent costly issues that can put a damper on your holiday cheer. Sauces from decadent holiday meals can and will harden after the fat content within them congeals to make a solid blockage in your pipes. Combine that with other scraps of food and you have got yourself a proper problem. Instead of store-bought drain cleaners, what are some alternative solutions?

Safer DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions

Chemically safer drain cleaners

Using a combination of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can help clear slow-moving drains and stubborn clogs. This combination is significantly more friendly to the environment and much safer to handle.


A plunger can be an effective tool to clear clogged toilets as well as clogged drains. By placing a wet rag over the overflow opening, removing the stopper, and filling the sink with water, you can plunge the drain like you would a toilet.

Drain snakes

An at-home drain snake or drain auger is a great way to clear clogs that occur at the ‘U’ in your drain, closest to the drain entrance. These are typically safe to use for homeowners and have a minimal environmental impact.

Professional services

If you have a clog or drain problem that persists even after exhausting these safe DIY drain cleaning solutions, a professional plumber should be your first call. Call MillTown Plumbing to keep your drains clear, and be sure to save with this month’s, November 2022, $99 Main Drain Clearing special! Contact us today and check out our marvelous reviews!

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