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Water Heater Service in Chelmsford: Why Should You Seek Annual Maintenance?

Water Heater Service in Chelmsford: Why Should You Seek Annual Maintenance?

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Water heater service in Chelmsford is important, and you need an annual maintenance check is important in ensuring your water heater is working. This is especially important now that we’re heading into the colder months of the year. While you may think your water heater is just fine, the worst thing you can do is assume, as it may lead you down a road of trouble that land you without hot water.

Milltown Plumbing offers excellent water heater service in Chelmsford to ensure you have a steady flow of hot water for all of your plumbing fixtures. Our team of water heating experts can give an in-depth check and consult with you on any work that needs to be done to ensure it is working. One maintenance check a year can you can keep you away from a life of worry and fear, at least in regards to your water heater!

Why Should You Call for Water Heater Service in Chelmsford?

If you choose not to have a maintenance check from a professional, it could be a costly mistake you’ll regret this regret. Here‘s why you should call for water heater service:

  • Eliminates Debris Buildup: Our water heater service in Chelmsford can drain a quarter of your water heater tank. Your water heater can become contaminated by sediment or debris, which can increase in amount when left untreated. Your hot water should ideally be clear and safe to consume, but sediment and debris in the water can seriously impact your health.
  • Great Temperature Regulation: A maintenance check from Milltown can test the temperature-pressure valve, which will let you know how well it’s working to regulate water pressure and temperature in the water tank. Annual water heater maintenance isn’t just ensuring hot water, but also improved health via great temperature regulation.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: With annual maintenance, you can save money and lower energy costs. When a water heater starts weakening, it needs to rely on more energy to churn out hot water, which can send the costs of your energy bills upward. Annual water heater maintenance is a huge step in conserving energy and keeping costs at an all-time low.
  • Reduced Chance of Breakdowns: When your water heater breaks down during the coldest months of the year, then it may leave you without hot water for any of your plumbing fixtures. If this happens more often, it can force you to pay more for repair service.

Contact Milltown Plumbing today if you need water heater service in Chelmsford. Our professionals are always ready to help you!

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