5 Signs You Need Septic System Maintenance in Massachusetts

5 Signs You Need Septic System Maintenance in Massachusetts

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There are few issues with your home that are more unappealing than a problematic septic system. So many things can cause problems with it, and working with it means getting near raw sewage. Disgusting! Fortunately, the experts at MillTown want to help you know when you have a septic issue. If you know there’s a problem, you can call on us so we can do some septic system maintenance in Massachusetts.


Here are five signs that you need to schedule septic system maintenance in Massachusetts:


Foul odors

One of the most obvious signs you have a septic problem is if things are starting to stink. It’s not hard to notice the smell of sewage when it’s not in your septic tank. If your septic system is raising a big stink, that’s an obvious sign you need to call the professionals at MillTown Plumbing.


Pooling water and greener grass

A big sign something is wrong with your septic system is if you find water where it shouldn’t be. If the septic system needs repair, standing pools of foul-smelling water can show up in your house or in your yard. Similarly, you might notice parts of your lawn are a lot greener as of late. The stuff fertilizing your lawn may seem good, but it’ll kill the grass in the long run.


Slower drainage

Are your sinks, tubs, and toilets draining slower? That might be a sign of a clog or blockage in your septic system. These are usually the result of flushing unsafe materials down the toilet or a tree root blocking the sewage lines. Generally the best way to treat these is by pumping the septic tank.


Gurgling noises

When you flush your toilet or run water in the sink, is there a gurgling noise? That might be a sign that your septic tank is full and needs to be pumped. There are other things that might cause this issue, but this is the most likely cause.


Sewage backups

Definitely one of the more disgusting symptoms of a septic tank problem. If your tank hasn’t been getting regular pumping and maintenance, there’s the possibility of getting raw sewage in your home. Another possible reason sewage is backing up is that your drain field is damaged. Either way, it’s worth calling us to fix it.


Why should I choose MillTown to help with my septic tank?

For the last forty years, MillTown has been helping people in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire with their plumbing. We offer a 24/7 live assistance call center to respond to any of your plumbing emergencies. Our uniformed plumbers will arrive with a truck fully stocked with the latest in plumbing technology, ready to make your plumbing like brand new. If you need septic system maintenance in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, call MillTown today and we can make your pipe dreams a reality!


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