The Critical Benefits of an In-Line Sewer Camera Inspection

The Critical Benefits of an In-Line Sewer Camera Inspection

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Today’s technology has changed the home sewer inspection process tremendously. In many cases a full sewer line excavation is not necessary. Where there is intrusion and line repair needed, it’s now possible to isolate the problem or to repair it from the inside instead of a full excavation and new line installation. Much of this advancement has come about because of in-line plumbing camera technology.

In-line sewer video cameras offer multiple benefits for the trained technician. These include determination the nature of a line blockage (roots, line separations, artificial material blockages, material flow problems), integrity inspection of the sewer line, and extent of the damage to be repaired or replaced. Cameras also help plumbers prepare with the right equipment when salvaging an existing like with industrial equipment such as high pressure jet cleaning tools. The wrong tool could damage the pipe, but a camera will confirm the condition and proper pressure approach every time.

On the other hand, not using a camera can be extremely costly for a homeowner. For example, a misjudgment of the line problem could end up in charges for a far more extensive line repair that turns out not be necessary, including excavation. In addition, there could be problems with estimating the exactly location of the issue as well, which could make the problem worse and bigger repair. Again, accuracy in knowledge is a win-win for everyone involved.  

The main features of an in-line sewer camera are primarily based around the camera apparatus itself, the data feed cable which comes in the form of an insulated and sealed fiber optic cable for heavy duty applications, the LED lighting mechanism on the end of the camera to illuminate the details filmed, and the video monitor above ground which allows the technician to see the progress in real-time as well as record the findings for review and analysis.

Camera Head and Assembly

If there is a critical part in the entire in-line sewer camera system, it’s the camera head. This is the most expensive component in the setup and the part that captures the critical information. It is also extremely sensitive and easy to damage. An untrained technician or someone new to the job can do a lot of damage very quickly forcing the camera apparatus through a line and, in essence, making the camera head a luxury battering ram to a blockage. Not only does that ruin the whole purpose of the effort, it can also damage any information capture as well. While these industrial cameras are specifically designed and built for their environments, repeat use of jamming the camera through resistance simply destroys it over time. That’s why the best technicians use a very light approach, working slowly and methodically. It saves the equipment and produces crystal clear images with easy to analyze recordings of what’s going on inside the line.


Attached to the Camera rear is the fiber optic cabling, shielded in an industrial sheath wrapping so that the materials and moisture in a sewer line don’t damage the fiber itself. It’s also designed for easy cleaning so that the equipment be sanitized after the fact before packaging again for transport. This type of cabling doesn’t do well with extreme bending or folding. Instead, it is wound on a large wheel assembly for protected storage when not in use. The fiber optics allow for significant data transfer from the camera to the monitor, allowing for high detail with a closed circuit system. The cabling and camera are sent through the line with a push rod that gives the technician control and the ability to propel the camera through the line at distance.

LED Lighting

Attached to the top of the camera apparatus is a sealed LED lighting unit that provides a tight concentration of illumination. While it’s not going to light up a neighborhood, the LED unit provides more than enough light for the camera to pick up detail and show in clarity and even color what’s going on in front of it. With good practice, the lighting and image gives the technician enough information to see what’s happening as he sends the unit through, how to navigate issues, and when the line cannot be traveled any further.

The Monitor

Finally, the monitor is the display that the technician watches and records with as the camera inside the line does its job. Directly connected to the fiber optics cabling, the monitor will display in detail and real time what is happening in front of the unit in the line as well the time stamp. Some advanced units can also display various sensor data such a temperature and humidity as well, which is why this kind of equipment is also used by archaeologists and law enforcement/public safety for similar confined space visual examination.

As discussed above, modern plumbing technology is now light years from where it was only two decades ago. And in-line pipe inspections allow far better repair performance as well as saving consumers thousands of dollars from unnecessary repairs. In comparison to how things used to be done, it would be foolhardy to attempt any sewer line repair today without a camera inspection first.

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Why Fall is Hydro-Jetting Season

Why Fall is Hydro-Jetting Season

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Fall Hydro-jetting keeps your sewer lines and plumbing system functioning at the best level possible. Over time, debris that builds up or foreign items can cause blockages. These clogs can cause your system to back up and overflow, which may lead to water damage. A backup in your system could also cause also pose potentially hazardous risks to the health of you and your loved ones if mold grows or the water supply becomes contaminated. Surely, there must be a way to help prevent this from happening, right?

If you want to help keep your sewer lines and plumbing system safe this fall season, then you may want to consider hydro-jetting. During the autumn months, extra stress is inflicted upon pipes. Trees typically get most of their nourishment from their leaves, but as they change color and fall to the ground, the roots will need to find a different source of nourishment. Where can they find water? You guessed it-your pipes. While you enjoy watching the beautiful color change above ground, it’s important to consider what could be going on underground. Here’s why you may want to consider having a professional clean out your system with fall hydro-jetting.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-Jetting is a cleaning process used to flush out the pipes of your sewer lines or plumbing system. Using a high-pressure water flow, debris, grease, and any other sort of buildup are flushed out of your home’s system. Other methods can involve tools or drills that could damage your system, especially if you have old pipes. Hydro-jetting simply uses water, which is less likely to damage the pipes.

How Does Hydro-Jetting work?

Before the plumber begins, he must find an entry point to easily access your pipes. Typically, this point is through one of your toilets. After assessing the situation, the plumber will insert a small hose into the toilet. The hose is connected to a portable water tank, both of which are designed to handle the high-pressure level of water that will be introduced to your pipes.

The pressure level of the water will depend on the situation at hand, as well as the condition of the pipes. For routine or preventative cleaning or pipes that may be older, a lighter pressure will be used. This will gently flush the debris from your sewer system. For clogs or advanced buildup, a plumber will likely use a higher pressure to ensure that the problem has been remedied. He or she should know how to accurately determine the correct pressure level to deliver; the average Hydro-Jet can deliver more than 5,000psi. An error in calculation can cause damage to your pipes.

As water is pushed through your pipes, gravity will take over and pull it out. This will flush out any dislodged debris, and push them out of your system and into the local sewer system.

Safety Measures

While hydro-jetting is typically a safe method of debris removal and clog prevention to introduce into your system, appropriate precautions should still be taken. This is where implementing the right pressure level is most important. Because fall weather can cause roots to integrate into pipes, hydro-jetting at a high pressure can be problematic. Further damage can occur and rocks and soil can push through.

Your plumber should assess the condition of your system with a camera prior to hydro-jetting. If there is damage or a root breach, he or she will know whether or not they should flush the system, or the specific pressure to use. It’s important to hire a plumber who has experience with hydro-jetting and is knowledgeable of the machine’s pressure and functions.  After the job is finished, they should inspect the system with a camera once more to determine how well it worked.

How Hydro-Jetting Will Benefit You This Fall

As the air gets cooler this fall, the leaves will change color and fall. While you and your loved ones are enjoying all that this fall has to offer, keep your sewer line and plumbing in mind. They may be out of sight, but they are an essential part of daily life in your home. Routine upkeep and maintenance will help your system work better, for longer. Call one of our plumbers to hydro-jet your sewer lines and plumbing system today.

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Emergency Plumbing Services This Holiday Season From MillTown

Emergency Plumbing Services This Holiday Season From MillTown

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Emergency plumbing services in Chelmsford, MA by MillTown plumbing

You deserve peace of mind during the holidays! If a plumbing emergency pops up in your home, whether youre traveling or staying home, give our experts a call! Our plumbers are ready to help you today.

Why You Should Choose MillTown As Your Emergency Plumber

The holidays are a time that should be spent with friends, family, or loved ones. You shouldn’t have to worry about issues with broken pipes, clogged toilets, or water heater failure.

MillTown Offers the Following Emergency Services:Flooded basement

    • Frozen pipes
    • Burst pipes
    • Sump pump backup
    • Sewer backup
    • Broken bathroom fixtures
    • Drain overflow
    • Clogged pipes
    • Gas leak repair
    • Broken water heater
    • And much more!

    You can rely on us to treat your emergency like our own. We understand the importance of being able to live in a safe, healthy home, plus, we’re aware of how quickly plumbing issues get out of hand. That’s why we’re committed to helping you resolve any plumbing emergency right away.

Because we learned a long time ago that every holiday season, there would be absolutely frantic homeowners trying to fix an unforeseen plumbing problem, we decided to make sure they’d always be able to get the help they need. So ever since then, our emergency service is open for business 24/7, even on holidays.

For all of your plumbing needs this holiday season, MillTown has you covered!


Same Day Plumbing Service

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