Pepperell, MA Furnace Replacement

Pepperell, MA Furnace Replacement

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MillTown Plumbing Furnace Replacement in Pepperell, MA

Pepperell’s furnace replacement season is upon us. By this time of year in Pepperell Massachusetts, you have likely turned the heat on to combat those chilly mornings. If you notice your heat isn’t coming on, it could be a sign you need either a furnace repair or furnace replacement. That’s what this customer called MillTown for initially. Shortly thereafter, MillTown Plumbing’s licensed heating contractors were on their way.

Furnace Repair Troubleshooting and Inspection

After inspecting the furnace, technicians noticed that the gas valve was broken. Considering the involvement of replacing the part against the entire furnace, the client opted to refresh the entire heating system. This meant a Rheem gas furnace replacement considering the age of the rest of the components. You should have your furnace inspected once a year in the fall.

You should have your furnace inspected immediately if you notice any symptoms of a failing furnace such as:

  • Abnormal smells
  • Non-start
  • Little or no heat
  • Constant thermostat adjustments
  • Uneven heating between rooms
  • Strange sounds
  • Triggered carbon monoxide detector
  • Corrosion around fittings and associated components

It should be noted the benefits of having your furnace replaced:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Improved airflow
  • Lower repair costs
  • Less frequent repair costs
  • Quieter function
  • Peace of mind
Faulty Bryant furnace being removed in Pepperell
Faulty Bryant furnace before being removed

How-To Replace a Furnace

MillTown’s qualified and licensed technicians began by removing this Pepperell client’s old furnace. Before removal, they safely disconnected the gas lines, intake and exhaust flues, electrical connections, and condensate pump. Because the furnace was going to the scrapyard to be recycled for its metal contents, the technicians were able to quickly remove the old furnace without regard for future usability.

How-To Install a Furnace

Once the old furnace was removed, preparation for the new furnace began. The interior intake ductwork had to be cut and modified to accept the new filter style since the new Rheem furnace uses a different filter type. The existing intake and exhaust flues were noted to be out of code, so those were removed in anticipation of installing to-spec piping. Preparation of the new furnace itself included cutting a hole in the side for the intake ductwork and installing feet to keep the furnace off the ground.

Furnace intake duct modification in Pepperell
Furnace intake duct modification to accept install new, larger filter
Cutting furnace intake duct port in Pepperell
Cutting furnace intake duct port

Furnace Installation

Once everything was removed and prepared, MillTown Plumbing’s technicians were ready to begin the installation process of the new Rheem furnace and brought it to its final location. To begin the furnace replacement, the new furnace air filter housing was fastened to the tabs cut out from the modified intake ductwork and the new furnace. On the exhaust side, the top of the furnace, a foundation for a necessary transition joins the furnace with the exhaust ductwork. Foil tape sealed the intake and exhaust ducting to ensure there were no air leaks while air was circulating through the system.

Furnace Intake & Plumbing Exhaust

MillTown’s contractors installed new intake and exhaust flues made out of PVC and polypropylene, respectively. Purple primer and PVC cement were applied to securely fasten and prevent leaks on the intake PVC pipes. The exhaust pipes utilized clamps and interior gaskets to completely seal themselves off.

Installing these pipes at a slight angle down towards the furnace allows condensation to drain into the condensate pump. Securing the flues are clamps that are fastened to the ductwork or studs. Labeling these pipes “Intake” and “Exhaust” are mandatory to meet code now, so the technicians installed three highly visible graphics on each pipe.

Hanging intake and exhaust flue plumbing in Pepperell
Hanging intake and exhaust flue plumbing

Furnace Condensate Pump and Furnace Wiring

A MillTown licensed electrician joined the install technicians and rerouted an existing outlet to improve overall functionality. One of MillTown’s licensed electricians added a GFCI outlet next to the condensate pump along with a service switch for the furnace to separate the wiring for the furnace and hot water heater. He also wired up the connection for the thermostat. While this was being done, one of the install technicians installed the new plumbing for the condensate pump to begin wrapping up this Pepperell furnace replacement.

Electrical outlet relocation and condensate pump in Pepperell
Electrical outlet relocation and condensate pump plumbing

Furnace Gas Line Installation

The gas line was rerouted for ease of installation and service of additional components. Thread sealant on the threads of the gas line prevents harmful gas from escaping into the client’s home. Excess air was bled from the gas pipe after the main gas line was turned back on. After bleeding the air out, the furnace was ready for use.

Pepperell Furnace Replacement Contractor Doing it Right

Completed Rheem furnace replacement in Pepperell
Completed Rheem furnace replacement and plumbing

Along with this furnace install, MillTown offers a carbon monoxide detector and a new thermostat. This client already had their AC unit replaced by MillTown so they had already received a new thermostat, but took advantage of the included carbon monoxide detector, installing it near his staircase.

Costs to replace your furnace vary greatly depending on the furnace price, furnace location, replacement of the associated components, and more.

Pepperell Furnace Replacement Contractor

Here at MillTown, we provide cost-effective, permanent solutions to keep your home in tip-top shape. We commit to your satisfaction and offer high-quality, same-day service. Our technicians are clean, courteous, and respectful of your home. It is why Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners have trusted us for over 35 years. Contact us today if you are a local Pepperell homeowner interested in furnace replacement, repair, or maintenance!


Furnace Replacement Reviews

Samuel BroadwaterSamuel Broadwater
19:05 02 Aug 23
I cannot recommend Milltown based on their practices and up charged quote they gave me. To even get a quote, they charge you $85 to come out and evaluate what needs to be done. I needed a hybrid water heater replacement, installation, and piping that had to be brought up to code.Of the 12 contractors who quoted the job, Milltown was the highest by far at $6,991, which is about double the average ($3,400) and $1900 over my second highest quote. This outrageously inflated price included the $750 state rebate for a water heater priced at $1,349. The $6,392 remaining is for the rest of the associated parts and labor.As for the $85 evaluation fee, it completely feels like a scam. If you choose their inflated service, they put the $85 fee towards the service cost but if not, you’re left with that bill. To me this feels as if they are preying on the “sunk cost fallacy” so you don’t waste your $85. Either way, they get a profit; it’s a win-win situation for them. There is no way I can recommend them. There are cheaper options in the area for the same work. Please be diligent and learn from my mistakes. Don’t get a quote from them. Don’t hire their services. I hope this will save you the headache.
Patricia SawyerPatricia Sawyer
18:40 27 Jul 23
I had a badly blocked shower drain. Called Milltown in the morning, and the call was handled in a friendly and professional manner. The call-back to schedule a next-day appointment was also quick, pleasant, and courteous. A subsequent call informing me that my appointment could be squeezed in same day was most welcome, and when the plumber arrived, she quickly and efficiently resolved the issue. Everyone was very pleasant to interact with. Thanks!
Leigh GerowLeigh Gerow
19:51 24 Jul 23
Kenny P. Is a top notch plumber! He arrived on time and was incredibly professional. Our situation was quite unique and he was very patient with our problem. Kenny is an incredible representative of Milltown. He would not give up until he solved our issue- all the while working with a smile and great demeanor. Booties on his shoes, left the sink and area cleaner than it was when he arrived. We are SO greatful to him and will be telling everyone to call Milltown! A++++++ for Kenny !!!!!!!
Michael GailliardMichael Gailliard
16:09 23 Jul 23
The Gentleman Ralph who came to my home and installed the toilet did a Great job! He was very knowledgeable of what needed to be done , and performed the installation efficiently and with superior professionalism. During and after the job was completed Ralph kept me informed of the services of Milltown. No pun intended I was truly " relieved " after completion of the installation.
Alison SicconeAlison Siccone
22:29 19 Jul 23
I've used Miltown several times now. Each technician has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They've resolved every issue in a timely manner. Scheduling an appointment is very easy and the answering service is very helpful in getting this accomplished. Highly recommend!!
Feleshia WaltersFeleshia Walters
14:13 19 Jul 23
I got a toilet replacement and the charged me almost 3,000. I won't them to anyone. They're way to expensive and come to find out its still leaking. Like seriously, if your going to charge the most do the job correctly without any mistakes!!!!!!!!! I won't recommend them to anyone. Call a local plumber would be the better option. On top of that they charged me 2,000 for traveling fees, like your located in Chelmsford - Lowell. I couldn't gave you 40 bucks for gas. They pretty much robbed me.
Patrick HowePatrick Howe
15:48 11 Jul 23
Making an appointment was fast and easy. Mike arrived exactly on time, and diagnosed the problem very quickly, but still checked other possibilities just to be sure. On the day of the repair, Mike and his partner arrived again on time, with booties in hand. They introduced themselves, interacted playfully with our curious child, and explained exactly what they would be doing. At the end of the day, they provided a full summary of the work, including many before & after photos. They provided some information on next steps, and emailed everything to me on the spot. 100% will use them again!
Paul WPaul W
18:08 09 Jul 23
The pros are Milltown was very professional. They were clean, prompt and the quality of work was good. The cons are they were VERY expensive. I was able to talk them down by approximately 40% and it'd be better if the initial price were reasonable.
Elaine WinchellElaine Winchell
19:29 29 Jun 23
Matt and his assistant arrived on time and carefully assessed my exhaust fan replacement. As the fan in place was over 10 years old Matt provided me with the different options I had for how to replace the unit and how it would look when finished. We discussed my options and Matt went to work. Unfortunately it meant Matt needed to access the fan from the attic which was extremely hot and pretty much a crawl space. The job was well done, they were very professional and cleaned up when finished. I would definitely recommend Mill Town for professionalism and fast scheduling. And I would absolutely recommend Matt for electrical work!! Thank you Mill Town!
shawn mcinnisshawn mcinnis
01:38 24 Jun 23
I needed my kitchen faucet replaced on Friday as we are entertaining the next day. Milltown responded to my inquiry immediately. Customer service was excellent. The technician was there the next day. He was professional in his manner and extremely friendly. He resolved the problem and provided me with insightful information.In my opinion the price was a high but you get what you pay for so yes I recommend Milltown.Shawn M
David PauplisDavid Pauplis
22:59 21 Jun 23
Outstanding overall experience! They worked with me to meet a critical deadline (thank you Kevin) Great communication, they pick up the phone when i called, return calls promptly, arrive on time as promised and do great work (thank you Josh and Danny) and follow up after the job is completed. I am very happy and will be sure to call them again when i need additional work!
Kevin BowenKevin Bowen
13:43 16 Jun 23
Mathew came to do an electrical safety inspection. He was early, polite and professional. He gave me a fair estimate of work that I need done in my house and was thorough in his inspection - even giving me some extra advice on smoke detectors in my home and explained some issues that I've been having.Definitely will use MillTown again.
Jane SancinitoJane Sancinito
12:31 06 Jun 23
Such a pleasure to work with this competent, knowledgeable, and polite team! They follow through on their promises, handle the issue, and clean up after themselves. I only knew that Milltown did plumbing, but I’ll be using them to handle everything I can now that I see their full range of services! Shout out to Izzy and Kenny for being so lovely and helpful!
Webb DicksonWebb Dickson
13:38 11 May 23
I had 2 experiences with Mill Town recently.I had a new gas hot water heater installed in my home and was shocked at the price of $3,000 - but proceeded due to lack of how water. No complaints about the tech, he was considerate and nice. But shortly after the install the safety relief valve started to leak. They came back and put an expansion tank on system which made no sense since one had not been needed in the 25 years we had been there. It continued to leak and they then told me the town water pressure was too high and a pressure reducer would be needed. Again, pressure had been the same over the 25 years we had been there (yes I measure it) - and the town water department confirmed same. I refused to accept that and had to travel. When I returned the leak had stopped so I did not pursue further.2nd experience was have leaky tub drain fixed. The only offered to replace the entire drain and not repair it - a bit disappointed about that. The price was a bit high, but the work was high quality.Milltown has great customer service. I feel their prices are high (why 3 stars only) but they are a premium plumbing service so you know things will be done right.
Roberta MooradianRoberta Mooradian
19:02 09 May 23
I was delighted to have called Milltown Plumbing and Heating into my home to clean and service my furnace for the very first time (with this company). The technician did an exceptional job and was extremely skilled at what he did, explaining the furnace cleaning step-by-step to ensure the owner knew the process. He ran down his checklist and completed all the electrical checks and readings to reassume me that, even though my furnace was an older model, it was still up and running. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to Milltown Plumbing and Heating moving forward.
Susan SmithSusan Smith
14:02 02 May 23
Izzie was the plumber who diagnosed our toilet problem and provided 3 quotes. She was great. She Was 99% sure she could resolve the plug with snake and a fair price. she was very friendly polite and resolved the plug quickly. I would highly recommend her.I was also very pleased with the customer service that Milltown provided. They called to confirm appointments, notify me of change in time due to tech that called in sick and notified me when the plumber was on the way. Very friendly and respectful of my time. Also a fair price to unplug my toilet. Thank you Milltown!!
H SinghH Singh
16:06 22 Mar 23
Liam came in Monday morning to provide us the quote on EV charger. He explained everything in details about the installation & provided us the quote. Quote was reasonable & we agreed to move forward. He came back next day with his co-worker & install the charger. Everything went so smooth. He was very professional & answered all our questions. We are very happy with their work. Will definitely use them again for future needs. Keep up the good work Liam👍🏼
I’ve had very extensive work done by Milltown electricians, hvac and plumbing (hot water and boiler, basement bathroom plumbing and pump installation, whole basement electrical installation) The company has great communication and responsiveness. They are on time, get out quickly to my home and they stand behind their work. With the large scope if projects we have hired them for it is inevitable that something needs attention after the invoice has been paid. Many companies make excuses or find a way to charge an additional cost. They did not do this. This makes me feel they are trustworthy.Additionally, all of their employees (I’ve probably met 5 at this point) speak highly of the company and how it treats them. I like supporting companies that treat their employees fairly and with respect.We joined their membership program and have staved lots of money with it. I have had so many disappointing experiences trying to remodel or maintain my home. It’s nice to finally not have to think about who to call when we have maintenance or projects that need to be done. Great job Milltown!
Miguel RiveraMiguel Rivera
20:58 24 Jan 23
The Milltown Plumbing team was very professional in all aspects of their work. I had a great experience and am glad that I chose them for their services. They got the job done instantly with no problems which made it a smooth and worry free experience. While encountering finance issues, the team also responded in a professional manner and addressed the issue. They also make your heating options very clear and do not seek to confuse you on getting a service that you do not need done. I highly recommend them if you need heating, AC or draining services done on your home/property!
Alan IAlan I
15:38 21 Jan 23
You really do get what you pay for. Yes they can be pricey but it is worth it. Pedro is the man. I was attempting a DIY repair and learned my lesson trying to play plumber I turned a mole hill into a mountain, ended up with broken fittings and broken pipe and ultimately no toilet for a few days I tried looking at videos and reading tutorials to try and figure out how to remedy my self inflicted disaster. Eventually i bowed my head, checked my ego, threw in the towel and called in the professionals and what a Pro Pedro was man. Not only did they get someone in fast but Pedro was super personable, friendly, very respectful and most importantly clearly a master at his trade who knew what he was doing and truly cared about doing a great job. It’s wonderful seeing someone have true pride in their work and passion for what they do. He accomplished his task quickly and cleanly and left me with 100% confidence in the quality and durability of this repair. I have had so many bad experiences with trade folks but never with Milltown you really do get what you pay for and next time I know to leave it to the Pros. Thanks again for the save Pedro you the man.
Jason McFarlandJason McFarland
20:40 16 Dec 22
Called Milltown for regular maintenance on our gas boiler. Nathan B did a super thorough inspection, then explained our options in a professional and friendly way. I really appreciated the time he took to go over the results of his inspection with me. We chose to do a meaningful repair that we'd been putting off. Price for the repair was very competitive with a quote we'd gotten a year earlier from a different plumbing/HVAC company. Since we started using them last spring, quality of service from Milltown has always been excellent and this was no exception.
Timothy M. CoyTimothy M. Coy
14:57 20 Sep 22
My review is more for Pedro my tech, than Milltown. Pedro was amazing! He took the time to walk me through not only my issue, but also just general utility care I should know as a homeowner. He was personable, and really took the time. And it was greatly appreciated! I’d have him back for all my plumbing needs! I think nearly $600 was a little steep to replace a hose spigot… But I was willing to pay it because of the service Pedro provided.
Jan YoungJan Young
19:23 09 Aug 22
Less than eight hours after I first called Milltown with a dead water heater and no hot water, I now have a brand new unit working perfectly. The technician, Jonathan, and the supervisor with him were wonderful. I am so grateful that I didn’t have to wait several days, and that these folks were so nice to work with. And the dispatcher, Ralph, was very helpful as well. I am very happy right now!
Lisa SilvaLisa Silva
11:43 25 Jun 22
Our shower started leaking the week before I was having surgery. Milltown sent Darrin out to assess our situation . Darrin recommended we completely replace our shower unit . We agreed. He was able to get things expedited and was in our home working on it two days after my surgery. He was kind, knowledgeable, worked cleanly, and efficiently. His partner James was also very good. Thank you Milltown for sending such a good crew.
J S DoaneJ S Doane
14:18 24 Mar 22
I was already a Milltown customer for both plumbing and water heater services, so I didn’t hesitate to contact them for some needed electrical work at my 100+ year old house. Based on my experience with this company, I expected good service. The service I received from the Electrical Team was OUTSTANDING!. Matthew H was so helpful during the estimating process, and in his recommendations, and patiently answered all of my questions. On the scheduled work days, Matthew and his team always arrived on time, and were as professional and courteous as they could possibly be. This is a two-family home, and the amount of work that they have completed on time, as promised, has been amazing. So organized, and informative every step of the way, and I’m thrilled with the results. The peace-of-mind I now have in knowing that the work was done correctly by licensed professionals like Matthew and his team is so important, especially for electrical services. I highly recommend Matthew H and the whole Milltown electrical crew!March 23rd: For the last package of work, Matt and Dan came back to install all of the new ceiling light fixtures, all NINE of them. Each new fixture was replacing a really old one that was not LED compatible. The installation was fast, and perfect, and they even cleaned up each area as they went!. Service doesn’t get any better than this. Milltown is the best!!
Nicole FoxNicole Fox
22:25 17 Mar 22
Customer service was good. They set up an appointment for the day after my call, even though it was not an emergency request. Technicians Pedro and James were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful in explaining the repair and costs. I decided not to wait on getting another quote, since the price was within the range I expected. They had their tools right there. After struggling to fix the clog myself for months, the drain finally flows again! I definitely recommend this company for their professional team and quick response.

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