Lowell Litter Krewe To Improve Lowell Riverwalk With MillTown Helping Hands Donation

Lowell Litter Krewe To Improve Lowell Riverwalk With MillTown Helping Hands Donation

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Lowell Litter Krewe cleanup efforts Lowell Riverwalk

For the October 2022 MillTown Helping Hands donation, Lowell Litter Krewe was nominated to receive a $1,000 donation from MillTown’s Helping Hands. Lowell Litter Krewe was nominated for their thousands of volunteer hours dedicated to improving the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. This year alone, they have over 2,300 volunteer hours logged over the course of 69 events. After meeting with the Lowell Litter Krewe at their monthly board meeting, they gave MillTown’s Helping Hands some insight into what they plan to do with MillTown’s donation. While they are still deciding on specifics, they aim to focus on improving the Lowell Riverwalk.

About The Lowell Riverwalk

Lowell’s Riverwalk is a popular walking trail that runs alongside the Merrimack River. Lowell’s deep-rooted industrial history is apparent from the historic mill buildings that overlook the Merrimack, visible from the Riverwalk. This two-and-a-half-mile trail is open year-round and hosts the Lowell Riverwalk Festival annually on Labor Day weekend.

Lowell Riverwalk Accessibility

While the Riverwalk trail isn’t necessarily a difficult one, with an overall grade of less than 5%, parking and accessibility to the trail can be difficult for differently abled bodies. Lowell Litter Krewe aims to change that, making the trail even more accessible to more members of the public so they can enjoy the beauty that comes with it.

Visibility & Safety

Much of the Lowell Riverwalk is away from streets and buildings, running immediately next to the Merrimack River. This leads to many darker areas of the trail. The lack of lighting can be dangerous, which is why Lowell Litter Krewe aims to change that. By adding auxilary lighting to the Riverwalk trail, the public can feel safe enjoying the trail before and after normal work hours in the winter, or anytime at night should they wish to do so. 

MillTown’s Helping Hands is a community give-back program. The goal is to find well-deserving local charities that could use a little help. Each month, MillTown will select 3 – 4 nominees from all submissions received. Voting takes place throughout the month, and the nominee with the most votes will receive a $1,000 donation to his or her organization or charity. Please consider voting for this month’s charities, and nominating one that you strongly support! Learn more about October’s nomination, Lowell Litter Krewe, here!

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