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Clean and Clear: Sewer Repair Vs. Sewer Replacement Considerations

Clean and Clear: Sewer Repair Vs. Sewer Replacement Considerations

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Sewer Repair versus Sewer Replacement Considerations

So you’ve got a sewer problem – all the signs are there. You’ve got a foul odor, frequent or current back-ups, or overflow. If you get to this point, you know you need professional help but may not know in what capacity. Read on to understand more about your options and long-term plan for weighing the costs and timeline of sewer repair versus sewer replacement.

Let Milltown Advise You

Milltown is here to help you assess the situation and get you the best answer when diagnosing your sewer problems. Our experience in this industry is second to none, providing same-day and emergency services for the smallest or largest of problems. We will do our best to advise you on the cost analysis and benefits of repair versus replacement. You won’t have to worry about Milltown trying to keep your business for the wrong reasons – we want to deliver the best service with lasting quality. The only reason you’ll call us back will be to let us take care of all your future plumbing, heating, cooling, drain, and sewer jobs. Our work is guaranteed with cost-effective, permanent solutions. The Milltown difference is that we are homeowners working for homeowners and won’t advise what we wouldn’t do.


Sewer Repair


Sewer repair indications can include bubbling or gurgling pipes or toilets, clogged drains, or bad smells – but how do you know if you need repair or replacement? This may look like a simple drain cleaning job on the surface, but turn into a much deeper issue if not addressed.

Sewer repair is your option if the problem is found to be localized to one particular piece or area that can be brought back to function and extend the life of the current system. Repair can be anything from tightening valves to hefty excavation. One common sewer repair is removing tree lines from water pipes. However, the strength of tree roots should not to be underestimated. Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with. Once tree roots have begun to infiltrate into a water source like your sewer lines, it is an opportunity for immense growth and entanglement. If trees have punctured or collapsed sewer lines, sewer repair may require an entire section or line be replaced.


Sewer Replacement


If sewer repair will fix the problem, but only temporarily, sewer replacement may be the option to consider. Because sewer services still may involve thorough excavation and a cost that make up a large investment, it is important to compare the cost of a repair now, a repair later, and eventual replacement against an upfront sewer replacement, even before it is a critical requirement. This is a particularly important consideration to weigh if your repairs are for larger components like or sewer mains or are patching areas of degrading material.


Consider Your Structure & Materials


Just as technology has advanced, so have the materials used for construction jobs. If your home or building has not been updated in many years, it may be easy to lean on the adage  “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. However, expiration dates on pipes 20-30 years old may be approaching. Having your sewer system inspected can help you determine if there are signs that are pointing towards sewer repair or sewer replacement. Older buildings employed materials at installation that were incredibly cost-effective and proven at the time, but were not tested for erosion, chemical dissipation, or strength after many decades.  Lead-based pipes have since been discontinued because of their discovered contribution of lead to the water supply. The materials your system employs may be working but could be detrimental to your health and the environment.


Consider Your Impact


The costs of sewer repair and sewer replacement may also be inflated because of the surrounding impact costs. Driveways, pavement, fencing, landscaping, decking, flower beds, and sod are just some of the things that need to be considered for even the smallest of jobs. While these are unexpected and unwelcome projects and costs, the last thing you want to discover is that you have to repeat the process again much sooner than expected.

Camera inspections are an incredible tool to help assess the function and lifespan of your entire system. The knowledge of your system’s installation, previous repairs, and susceptibilities will help determine the best and most cost-effective course of action for sewer maintenance.

Call Milltown today to schedule a licensed technician to help you evaluate your sewer system if you are experiencing the symptoms of a sewer problem. We have the tools and experience to help advise and execute the necessary action to keep your home or office safe and sound.

Schedule your sewer replacement inspection with Milltown today!

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