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Leak Detection in Chelmsford MA: What are Common Indicators of Pipe Leaks?

Leak Detection in Chelmsford MA: What are Common Indicators of Pipe Leaks?

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Leaking pipe

Even the mere mention of pipe leaks are enough to send shivers down the spine of any homeowner. In addition to the fact they aren’t immediately to the human eye, they can also make life miserable in your home. Wet spots and puddling will wreak havoc on your home, and raise your chances of having to spend money on water damage repair. And the worst part is that all of these problems can creep up on you without you even realizing it, leaving you in a potentially tight financial situation that can make it difficult to pay off monthly bills.

MillTown Plumbing is here to provide you with amazing leak detection in Chelmsford that will put a stop to leaks before they worsen. Our team of plumbers can spot leaks quickly, give acurrate assessments of water damage, and make any repairs when necessary. We’re also here to teach you on how you can spot leaks in your home, so you’re leak detecting like our team of pros in no time!

Common Pipe Leak Indicators

Many homeowners know just how important pipe repair can be, but few know when exactly to make the call. That’s where Milltown Plumbing step in, ready to point the most common indicators of pipe leaks are ready to run roughshod over your home, which includes the following:

  • Stained Ceiling: Whenever you’re in doubt, look up. At the ceiling, that is. Pipes underneath your bathroom on the second floor of your home may result in your ceiling becoming stained due to water damage. Even more hazardous is a sagging ceiling, which indicates the water from the leak is reaching the area, which can result in an even bigger mess.
  • Higher Water Bills: Pipe leaks can waste up to thousands of gallons of water that could be used for other purposes, and may be the reason the costs of your water bills skyrocket. Trying to keep up with high water bills can be stressful, especially if they show no signs of lowering.
  • Increased Mold Growth: Significant mold growth can become incredibly hazardous to your health. Exposure to mold and other harmful bacteria. Water from pipe leaks will only make this worse, so call for service immediately once you start seeing mold growth in various areas of your home.
  • Musty Odors: Old water that’s been building up due to pipe leaks is bound to create a nasty, musty smell in your home. Indoor air quality will take a hit, leaving you scrambling to find a breath of fresh air in your own home. If you want to keep your home smelling nice, call a professional for leak detection immediately!

Contact MillTown Plumbing today if you want proper leak detection in Chelmsford and of course, take a look at these signs!

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