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Heating Maintenance Questions

Heating Maintenance Questions

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Heating maintenance is not something you should just skip this fall or else you may have to prepare for one long season ahead. If you do not tend to your heating needs, you may experience a wide range of problems including increased energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and even safety hazards like carbon monoxide emissions. Does that sound like a fun fall to you? We hope not, which is why you need to consider what you can do to ensure your heating needs are met well before the first bout of cold weather arrives.

Heating Maintenance You Can Trust

Fortunately, there is a way you can ensure a steady flow of heat for the upcoming season, thanks to maintenance from MillTown. Once our heating contractor works on your furnace, you are guaranteed consistent, efficient heating that won’t cost you too much on energy bills. In addition, our services will ensure you avoid safety risks like fires and carbon monoxide emissions so the entire family’s well-being is protected.  You will also achieve better peace of mind knowing you will avoid calling for furnace repair later in the season. Our friendly, personable heating contractors will take the time to listen to your every word, especially when it comes to ensuring your heating needs are met exactly to your specifications. Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions, as they will answer them thoroughly!

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Heating Maintenance

In addition to our services, you can also take action in getting your furnace up to speed just in time for fall. However, since you are most likely not a licensed technician, you may not necessarily know where to begin. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and allow your heating system to go to waste either. You can extend system lifespan by years on your end if you ask yourself the following 10 questions as you try to maintain your heating system;

  1. Have Air Filters Been Replaced? If you cannot remember the last time your air filters were replaced, it is probably a good idea to replace them now. Over time, your furnace’s air filters will become blocked with dirt and debris, resulting in disrupted air flow and poor system efficiency. They should be replaced regularly to ensure the best, and most energy-efficient, heating performance.
  2. Are There Any Objects Near the Furnace? Any flammable objects of belongings needs to be kept 18 feet away from the furnace to prevent the risk of a residential fire. If you have old paint cans and stacks of old newspapers around the furnace, they are exactly the kinds of things that will easily catch fire once exposed to any heat.
  3. Have You Tested Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms? It may have been awhile since you last tested your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If so, you need to do it immediately so you have proper detection in the event that your furnace leaks out smoke or harmful gasses like carbon monoxide. Regular testing will let you know if batteries need to be changed or if the alarms need to be replaced entirely.
  4. Do You Have Any Air Leaks? Please check the attic and crawl spaces of your home for any air leaks, which can result in major heating loss the longer you go without treatment. Attics are the number-one most common place for leaks, as heat from the furnace will rise upward. Give an inspection of these areas before the fall begins and seal any visible openings with heat tape.
  5. Are Your Pipes Insulated? Without proper insulation in your pipes, warm air may lose its heat once it travels between your heating system and ventilation. Adding foam pipe insulation is the best move to make in this situation. It will also prevent you from experiencing the additional hassle of frozen or bust pipes during the winter.
  6. Is Your Attic Insulated? In addition to pipes, your entire attic will need to be properly insulated you are getting the level of heat you deserve. Even if your attic is already insulated, you need to make it a plan to add a second layer to run along the first for better protection.
  7. Have You Checked the Pilot Light? Problems with the furnace turning on may come down to its pilot light being out of alignment. If so, you can simply adjust it. However, you also need to be on the lookout for any color changes, as a yellow light will indicate the presence of carbon monoxide.
  8. How Are You Receiving Fuel?  The last thing you want this season is to run out of fuel. To prevent this, the best move will be to sign up for automatic fuel delivery so you are receiving a steady source of oil or gas. Even if you do encounter a furnace breakdown this season, you will at least have fuel on the way.
  9. Have You Installed a Programmable Thermostat? A programmable thermostat will give you greater control over the temperature in your home. You will be able to ensure your furnace is delivering heat at a temperature that best meets your expectations.
  10. Have You Called for an Annual Heating Tune-Up? If you have yet to call for a heating tune-up in 2016, now is the time to do so, right before the temperatures outdoors really cool down. A professional can ensure any lingering issues are fixed in their earliest stages so you can continue to enjoy comforting heating throughout the season.

Get A Heating Tune Up Today So You Can Enjoy The Cooler Days Tomorrow

Contact MillTown today if you want to guarantee your comfort this fall thanks to our heating maintenance!

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