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5 Common Furnace Tune-Up Mistakes

5 Common Furnace Tune-Up Mistakes

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technician cleaning furnace during furnace tune-up

A furnace tune-up should be atop your list of priorities this winter. With plenty of snow, sleet, and low temperatures ahead, you need a reliable source of heat to withstand it all. The colder months here in New England are unforgiving and even just a few touch-ups can ensure you keep warm. Even if you are not a licensed heating contractor, you should still make the effort to maintain your heating system as well to ensure it continues to run during the worst winter weather. But be careful! Since you do not have the right tools and expertise, you may be more prone to make mistakes leaving you without any heat at all. Improperly maintaining your furnace can lead to a wide range of problems including higher spending on utility bills, an increased risk of home heating fires, poor energy efficiency, and a shortened furnace lifespan. Furnace replacement won’t come cheap either. For example, the average cost of a gas furnace today is closer to $4,000. You may be spending all of that money and more simply because you didn’t maintain your furnace properly. All of these problems can add up to a huge amount of stress that will make your winter one to forget. However, there’s no need to settle for a season of heating woes. You can avoid mistakes easily, and all you need to do is practice more awareness.

Calling MillTown for High-Quality Service

MillTown is here to provide you with high-quality heating service that will ensure your winter is one of the warmest to date. Our team of heating contractors will be available throughout the season to ensure your furnace continues to work to the best of its abilities. We can provide a quick yet comprehensive furnace tune-up designed to keep your heating system working for the next 12 months. Thank to our service, even the smallest furnace problems will be eliminated, ensuring you save money on future repairs. Your furnace will also work efficiently so you will save money on energy bills as well. Overall, our work extends the lifespan of your heating by years so you’re not just guaranteed heat for this winter, but for several winters ahead. We will also ensure your heating system works safely to lower the risk of home heating fires, which are more common at this time of year than any other. You will have a better peace of mind knowing your heating system is keeping your family comfortable and safe.

5 Common Furnace Tune-Up Mistakes

While you definitely should conduct a little maintenance work if your own, you need to proceed with caution. You need to bush up on your knowledge of what not to do before you begin. With that in mind, please avoid making any of these 5 common mistakes:

  1. Failing to Clean the Furnace’s Internal Components: Allowing dust or other contaminants to build up in or on the components can shorten the lifespan and create conditions that could result in a fire. Please use a shop vacuum or a soft, clean cloth to clean the surfaces will help to prevent the amount of dust or debris from becoming excessive.
  2. Allowing Clutter to Build-Up around the System: Even if you tuned up your furnace to perfection, there may still be the issue of too much clutter in the surrounding area. This is especially concerning if any of these belongings are flammable, which means all it would take is one spark from a nearby furnace to create a major fire. Always keep yourself and your personal belongings a safe distance away from the system before you get a real heating emergency on your hands.
  3. Not Changing Filters: It’s important to develop a routine in changing your furnace filters. It should be done once a month to ensure a steadier flow of heat. If not, the filters will become clogged with debris, resulting in blocked air flow and the furnace working harder to produce warm air. You may higher costs on energy bills in the process.
  4. Setting the Thermostat Too High: Setting your thermostat up to the highest temperature will ensure your furnaces works faster than ever, right? Well, not quite. Turning up the thermostat will only put more stress on the furnace, damaging its efficiency and heightening your chances of having to seek furnace replacement.
  5. Failure to Call for Annual Maintenance: You should make a call for heating maintenance at least once a year. Some homeowners won’t take advantage of the opportunity, leaving them more likely to spend money on repairs down the road. Our maintenance service guarantees any lingering problems will be fixed before they worsen and will keep your furnace working to the best of its abilities.

Enjoy The Warmth Of Your Home This Winter – Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up Today

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