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Electrical Service in Dracut

Electricians In Dracut MA

At MillTown Electric we take the responsibility that goes along with providing electrical services very seriously. Safety above all else comes first for all of our Dracut electrical service clients. A properly sized and functioning electrical panel, electric surge protection, and a back up electric generator provide safety and security for our clients. At MillTown Electric we strive for customer satisfaction on each and every job with professionalism and extraordinary attention to detail. Working with MillTown’s electricians in Dracut means you can always be assured that the power needs of your home or business will be handled safely and professionally all of the time.

MillTown Electric is now servicing clients in Dracut MA and the surrounding area! Call us for all of your residential and commercial electrical needs.

Electrical Service Upgrades Dracut

Electrical upgrades and electrical maintenance services are not just for older homes. As recently as the mid 90’s, before the Internet takeover and before cell phone charges, homes were built with fewer convenience outlets and had lower power demands. Adding an additional circuit breaker or two with some additional outlets for gaming systems, computers and phone chargers is a great way to keep up with your homes power demands. Call MillTown Electric today for an electrical inspection and home wiring evaluation. Electrical outlet power bars and extension cords should not be needed in a safely wired home with the appropriate electrical capacity to meet your needs.

Electrical Surge Suppression Dracut MA 01826

Surge protection prevents electrical events from becoming bigger problems. Power surges can originate externally from your electric utility during power grid switching or from a lightning strike. They can also originate internally when large appliances turn on and off causing a spike. Having a service entrance surge protection device professionally installed provides protection for your entire electrical system. Merrimack Valley electrical surge suppression consultation and professional device installation is just a phone call away.

Back-Up Electrical Generators Dracut

Stationary power generators that use natural gas from your underground gas utility lines offer the most convenient source of emergency power. Automatic generator operation happens immediately after the power from your electric utility company goes out. Many shore area residents with backup generators hooked up before Super Storm Sandy never lost power. Merrimack Valley generator sales and generator installation for homeowners and commercial systems for business applications are available from the trusted professionals at MillTown Electric.

Circuit Breaker Replacement Dracut MA

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your electrical system against faulty short circuits and electrical system overloads. The heating and cooling of the connections in your breaker panel box over time can cause a loose or bad breaker connection. Many times replacing a circuit breaker with a properly sized new breaker is all that is required. For complete circuit breaker inspection, problem diagnosis and installation if needed, call MillTown Electric today.

New Construction Wiring, Renovation Wiring and Addition Wiring

MillTown Electric provides all clients with outstanding workmanship on all inspections and installations. Every service or electrical device installation we perform will meet or exceed the required electrical codes.

Commercial Electrical Dracut

MillTown’s Electricians in Dracut also provide commercial services including design build for the wiring of devices that control everything. The proper functioning of the electrical system is essential to power lighting, heating, cooling and all specialized equipment that your business may require.

Residential Electrician Dracut

Dedicated circuit breaker installation for high energy installations like supplemental electric heat, hot tubes and electric hot water heaters are some of the residential electrical services we provide. Hiring MillTown Electric for all of your residential electrical needs means that you will always receive professional service with a work guarantee that is the best in the industry.

Landscape Lighting Dracut

Low voltage LED landscape lighting is a great way to enhance curb appeal and increase security at your home or business. LED’s or light emitting diodes are energy efficient and offer a greatly extended service life when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. Because LED lighting produces almost no heat, the treat from fire is greatly reduced. The professionals at MillTown Electric can design and install outdoor lighting that will have a wonderful effect on the visual appeal of your home or business.
Recessed Lighting

  • Ceiling Fans Installation
  • Spa Wiring
  • Swimming Pool Hookups
  • Attic Fans
  • Advanced Trouble Shooting
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Design Build Capabilities

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