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Ductless Installation In Ayer

Ductless Installation In Ayer

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Ductless Installation In Ayer

Ductless Installation In Ayer

Ductless Replacement

Do you need a ductless installation in Ayer?  We’re your local choice and just recently Milltown was hired to install a ductless system in a local Ayer home just like yours. The customer came to Milltown because their condensers were leaking refrigerant. When Milltown was dispatched to the home in Ayer we diagnosed the issue with the condenser .

Upon inspection the technicians recommended that the customer had too many out of date condensers for the home and could save money in the long run by upgrading their current system. Instead of repairing the issues, the homeowner agreed that the system had reached its’ lifespan and it was time to replace it with a new energy efficient and safe heating & cooling system. The customer also decided to replace so they didn’t have to worry about any more issues. At the same time they are looking forward to more energy savings during the hot summer months.

Ayers Ductless Installation: Mitsubishi

The customer decided to move forward with installing a new Mitsubishi GL-Series 6k BTU Wall Mounted Unit. The functional design is paired with quiet operations that provide comfort without disrupting your space. With multiple operating modes, multiple fan speeds, and multiple airflow directions, this unit fits the needs of nearly any room.

Ayer Heating & Cooling Contractor Offers Same Day Furnace Replacement

When Milltown first got to the customer’s home they spared no time getting the old system out of the home to start the new ductless system replacement. The Milltown team removed the old condenser in pieces to make the removal easier and to get it out of the way.

Once the old unit was out of the way, the Milltown team expertly built discreet and clean piping on the side of the home to hide and protect the unit’s tubes.

Once the old unit was expertly removed, and the pipes put into place, they carefully brought in the new Mitsubishi unit.

With the new system in place, the team wired in the electricity and the controls to the unit taking care to make sure everything was connected properly. After a first run test was performed and the unit was confirmed to be working properly, the cover was put on the unit.

The team cleaned up any mess that was made in the home and made sure the customer was happy and had no further questions before leaving the home.

The Homeowner with their new Mitsubishi system can now enjoy much more efficient heating and cooling in all 4 zones for less money in the New England Summers and Winters.

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