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Dangers Of Over The Counter Drain Cleaners

Dangers Of Over The Counter Drain Cleaners

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Dangers Of Over The Counter Drain Cleaners


Drain cleaners are an easy option when your drains are clogged and who could blame any homeowner for going that route with an unstable economy. Unfortunately, what most homeowners do not know is although the drain cleaner may clear your drain at a cost-efficient rate, it very well could end up costing you more money by negatively impacting you, your community, your home’s pipes, and our environment. What a lot of homeowners forget is any drain cleaning concoction made with sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, or sodium hydroxide – all of which can deteriorate the plumbing in their home.


More Harm Than Good


Sadly, most homeowners do not realize the harm they may be doing when they use a drain cleaner product such as Liquid Plumbr® or Drano ®. It is not wise to ever introduce an acid to a line of plumbing. In addition, acids, even in light amounts are dangerous in any form of exposure whether it be your eyes, skin, or especially your lungs. Inhaling the fumes of a drain cleaner may not only irritate the user. In most cases, the fumes tend to hang around thus, not only affecting the user but also the user’s family. Additionally, acids can harm your drain pipes. If the acid were to collect in the pipe it could easily disintegrate through the bottom of the pipe thus costing a homeowner more money in the long run.


Acid can also damage any rubber that exists in the plumbing. When a homeowner uses drain cleaner to clear an obstructed drain or pipe it very well could clear the obstruction but the damage may not be seen until it is too late. Drain cleaner will not only eat at pipes as it sits in there, it will also feast upon the enamel and other expensive coatings in your home.


Drain Cleaners & The Environment


Drain cleaners do not only affect the homeowner, they also affect our communities, the world we live in, and all those who inhabit it, including our furry friends! The chemicals used in drain cleaners, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide, are extremely corrosive to organic materials and many metals and are toxic to humans and animals. Another issue with drain cleaners is they can have a negative effect on our ecosystem. The leftover acidic liquid abandoned in the bottle ends up in landfills, and from there can enter the water, poisoning fish and other animals.

Let Milltown Take The Stress Off Your Shoulders


Typically drains can become clogged because of a broken pipe or a sewer line issue. The next time your drain clogs do not run to the grocery store for some drain cleaner. First, try using a plunger to unclog the drain. However, if that does not work it would be advised you call your local Milltown plumber to help return your home’s plumbing back to normal. It’s understandable why a homeowner would want to utilize the cost-effective tool that is a drain cleaner but for the sake of your home, community, planet, and wallet please call a professional to clear and open any clog in your drain. Contrary to popular opinion, drain cleaning products usually do not work.


In addition, you never know what kind of chemical reaction you might get when using these products in a plumbing system. It is paramount you call a plumbing professional from Milltown first and get your plumbing problem evaluated properly the first time. If you do it will save you time and money!


If you have a clogged drain, call Milltown today and let us be your professional drain cleaners!

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