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When Should You Call Us to Fix Clogged Drains in Lowell MA?

When Should You Call Us to Fix Clogged Drains in Lowell MA?

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There are some simple clogged drain issues new and experienced homeowners can tackle on their own. There are some that are best left to experienced hands, though. Regular maintenance can cure a lot of what ails the plumbing in your Lowell, MA home. Most homeowners have common household tools at the ready to handle minor plumbing needs. These tools combined with good, old-fashioned elbow grease can meet minor household plumbing needs. So, how do you know when it’s time to call in the pros? Here are few surefire situations to help you decide.

When you can’t diagnose the problem on your own. If you can’t figure it out, you can’t fix it. If the drains in your home are repeatedly sluggish and your own tricks-of-the-trade aren’t working, give us a call. We can diagnose, treat and repair any plumbing issue that has you stumped. Don’t make the mistake of turning a mess into a disaster by trying to do more than you’re truly capable of. Call us- we’re here for you.

When the problem can’t be accessed from inside your home. If your drains are clogged due to a sewage issue in the main sewer lines outside, it’s definitely time to call the trusted pros at MillTown Plumbing. We’ll arrive with our plumbing gear in tow and get to the bottom of your house and the bottom of the problem quickly.

When your toilet won’t stop toilet-ing despite your best efforts. If jiggling the handle becomes an everyday occurrence, the floor around your toilet is constantly wet or you can hear the toilet running 24/7, it’s time to call us! Not only will a continually running toilet due to clogged pipes create an ongoing annoyance, it’ll create a humungous water bill!

These tips should help you decide whether to pull out your pliers and go to work, or pull out your phone an put us to work when dealing with sluggish or completely clogged drains in Lowell, MA.

Whether you have water backing up out of your sink, puddles in your shower, gurgling drains or a sour smelling kitchen sink or garbage disposal, put an end to those pesky clogged drains by calling MillTown Plumbing today. Our plumbing professionals will respond quickly, flush out the problem and provide a quick, affordable solution.

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