6 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts

6 Benefits of Getting an AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts

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  • Maintenance
AC Tune-Up in Massachusetts by MillTown

There are still two full months of summer left! Your AC may be on, but is it ready to tackle the summer heat August and September bring?  The people at MillTown suggest that you get an AC tune-up in Massachusetts to make sure it runs well. Here are six reasons you should give it some maintenance now before it’s too late!

Benefits of an AC tune-up in Massachusetts

  1. Lower electricity bills. Summers are hot- there’s no way around it. It’s likely that you’ll want to be running your AC most days, but that can create a steep increase in electrical bills. A system with clogged filters and failing parts will need to work harder to do the same work. By tuning up your AC now, you’re increasing its efficiency and lowering your utility bills.
  2. More comfort. What would you call an AC that can’t keep you cool? A bad one. Summers can be tough even for modern systems. Because of this, if you want to keep it running at a constant cool, you’ll want our professionals at Milltown to make sure your AC is running at top performance.
  3. Fewer breakdowns. If you use your AC system this summer, are you certain that it won’t fail to start up? Do you know for sure that it’ll run smoothly all season? If you’re not sure, give us a call! Our tune-ups come with a complete inspection that can identify problems before they cause a breakdown.
  4. Cheaper repair bills. In the event that your AC winds up needing repairs, they’ll likely be cheaper if you’ve gotten maintenance beforehand. The reason for that is because our maintenance addresses the more costly problems (like air flow issues and broken parts) during our inspections.
  5. Extended AC lifespan. If you want your AC system to stay operational for a long time, you’ll want to give it regular maintenance. By routinely checking on your AC and preventing breakdowns, we can help extend your AC’s lifespan by years. Without regular maintenance, the average AC only lasts a few years.
  6. Better air quality. During the months where you never use your AC, various bits of dust and grime build up in it. When you turn it on, all that nasty junk is going to go into the air, which can hurt your air quality and aggravate those summer allergies. When you call Milltown to give your AC a tune-up, we’ll clean it out, ensuring that your home’s air stays fresh.

Why is MillTown the best choice for getting an AC tune-up in Massachusetts?

Since 1979, MillTown has provided for homeowners in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We’re committed to providing our customers 100% satisfaction as we perform high-quality, same day service. Our certified experts and devotion to high-quality performance are the reasons we’re a trusted name in the areas we cover. Make sure you’ll be feeling cool this summer and call MillTown for an AC tune-up today!

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Get an AC Tune-Up Before the Hot Weather Arrives!

Get an AC Tune-Up Before the Hot Weather Arrives!

  • Air Conditioning
  • Maintenance
AC Maintenance done in Chelmsford, MA by MillTown

Do you need an AC Tune-up in Your Chelmsford Home?

Other than the obvious (it’s getting hot in here!) signs, there are multiple ways to determine that your system either needs maintenance or replacement. However, if you’re not as experienced with home maintenance and air conditioners, you may wonder if the problem is in your head or if it truly exists. Since air conditioners are used most heavily during the summer months, it’s important to get a tune-up before the heat of summer really kicks in. Qualified and licensed professionals perform a full system inspection to catch some standard problems that can occur. A check up generally includes:

  • Performance test of the full system
  • Visual review of all air conditioner components
  • Tests to determine the state of the refrigerant charge and overall system control testing
  • The use of an approved leak detector to perform a leak test
  • If slow leaks are suspected, your professional may perform a dye detection test

Signs You Need an AC Tune-up in Chelmsford, MA

  • Air is not flowing as easily as it should be. If you’re seeing poor air flow through your vents, it’s probably time to call a professional.
  • Zone issues — where part of your home is comfortable and another part is too hot or cool — are a good sign that there may be something wrong with your thermostat.
  • Excess moisture where it doesn’t belong can also be an indicator that it’s time to call a professional.
  • Foul odors coming from your air conditioning unit are never a good sign. Mold can grow in wet, dark spaces and an air conditioning unit certainly fits those parameters.
  • Squeaking or squealing sounds coming from your air conditioning unit may indicate that a belt has slipped. This generally requires professional assistance to resolve.
  • Of course, if you find that your home is heating up unexpectedly, or the air conditioner is cycling (turning on and off quickly), you should have your unit checked out.

Your system should receive maintenance at least once a year. It’s best in the spring before it’s heavily used in the summer heat. This ensures that you’re catching any small problems before they have a large impact on your system. The cost of not performing regular maintenance could be decreased system efficiency or even having a system that freezes up or sustains serious damage from broken items such as motor bearings.

How MillTown Can Help You

Get your air conditioner serviced once a year at the beginning of the warm-weather season. MillTown will clean and inspect the wiring and mechanical parts, check for wear and tear and make recommendations for repair. Getting a tune-up can help improve the efficiency of the system and prevent break downs in the future. This will make sure your air conditioner will be operating at optimal levels throughout the cooling season.

To schedule your Spring AC tune-up, call MillTown today!

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5 Reasons to Get a Furnace Tune-Up in Massachusetts

5 Reasons to Get a Furnace Tune-Up in Massachusetts

  • Furnaces
  • Heating
  • Maintenance
furnace tune-up in Massachusetts by Milltown

Fall is here, and it’s only a matter of time until we get one of our Northeastern snowstorms. Owning a furnace can keep you warm, but you have to think about whether it can withstand several months of use. Unless you just purchased a new one, your furnace is likely a little worn from sitting inactive for the summer. If you want to ensure your furnace will work this winter, call MillTown to provide a furnace tune-up for your Massachusetts home. By doing this, you’ll know that your furnace will work its best.

Here are five reasons you should schedule a furnace tune-up for your Massachusetts home:


Cheaper than a full repair job

Furnace tune-ups will cost you, but they’re less expensive than paying to fix a broken furnace. When we tune-up your furnace, we fix any small problems we find with your furnace. If it weren’t for our tune-up maintenance, these small problems could develop into something that ruins your furnace.


Understand your furnace’s health

Tuning up your furnace can help you understand how your furnace is faring. This knowledge can help you decide if you want to get a new furnace. If you schedule your tune-up early this season and decide to make the switch, you’ll also have plenty of time to find a new furnace.


Avoid dangerous gas leaks

Poorly-maintained gas furnaces can be dangerous due to the gas they use and produce. Malfunctioning gas furnaces can release carbon monoxide into your house, which is deadly to people and many animals. Also, damaged gas furnaces may leak flammable gas that could lead to a house fire.


Extend your furnace’s life

As a major heating system, you should regularly check the furnace to ensure it’s working fine. Poorly-maintained furnaces are prone to wasting energy and dying quicker than usual. Also, unhealthy furnaces are more likely to break down.


Higher energy efficiency

The Department of Energy says that about half of an average homeowner’s energy bills come from using a furnace. However, regular maintenance and tune-ups can help you reduce this percentage. By staying vigilant about your furnace’s health, you can avoid mechanical problems that could hamper your furnace’s efficiency. If well-maintained, a furnace can use about 30% less energy than usual.


Why call MillTown to keep my furnace running this winter?

MillTown Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business established in 1979. Ever since the company was founded, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to the people of Northeastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire: our licensed and bonded technicians offer honest answers to all of your questions, and we provide cost-effective, permanent solutions to keep your home healthy and safe. That commitment to your satisfaction has guided us for over 35 years of commercial and residential home service, and the result is that homeowners in Northeastern Mass and Southern NH trust us more than anyone else for quality home repairs and emergency service. Call MillTown today to schedule a furnace tune-up for your Massachusetts home!


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