The Milltown Crew Helps Chelmsford With Friendship Park Project

The Milltown Crew Helps Chelmsford With Friendship Park Project

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Friendship Park in Chelmsford has 65 square yards of brand new safety mulch thanks to the volunteer efforts of local home service provider Milltown. 

The park recently received renovations that included four new exercise areas around its perimeter. The exercise areas, along with the pre-existing playground, required a thick layer of ADA compliant mulch to be considered safe for long term public use. More than half of the serious injuries that occur on playgrounds involve falls on hard surfaces, making mulch and other cushioning materials a vital safety requirement.

Steve Callaghan, Chelmsford’s Playground Coordinator, and the rest of the DPW have been extraordinarily busy in recent months, which left them counting on local volunteers to lay down the new mulch. 

If Milltown did not help out today the chips would have been spread in six or seven sessions over the course of the spring,” said Callaghan. “And that’s with volunteers.”

Milltown heard about the town’s predicament and decided to use his company’s resources to assist the town in getting the project done quickly and efficiently. The company arrived on-site with 20 wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, pitchforks and an excavator. The project in its entirety took just under two hours to complete.

“Milltown was looking to do volunteer work for the community and I feel lucky that they chose to help with the town’s playgrounds and parks,” said Callaghan. “The time and resources they (Milltown) devoted to the project was nothing to scoff at, but they were all more than happy to help out the town.”

Milltown has a well-established history of community service. Last year they completed a similar project laying down mulching at Varney Playground. They also have volunteered their services to set up the plumbing and HVAC to Habitat for Humanity projects in Westford, along with planned pro-bono electrical and HVAC work for The Paul Center for Learning and Recreation to help them prepare for the summer camp season. 

“We have always received so much support from our community, it only feels right that we take opportunities to support others where we can,” said Fred Webster, Milltown’s owner. “It’s just in our nature to want to give back.”


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MillTown and Partners Gives Back To Their Community!

MillTown and Partners Gives Back To Their Community!

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“Giving back to a community that needs help is something we strive to do everyday”

The Paul Center in Chelmsford, Ma is a place that everyone here at MillTown, hold special to our hearts. The Paul Center is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in developing their maximum potential and independence. Milltown understands the value of a helping hand and appreciates organizations that bring positive change and support to individuals in need, which is why we spent a day doing onsite volunteer work there.

In total we had 50 volunteers onsite (some of them even came in during their vacation time!). In addition to having a lot of fun, we were able to get a lot of work done! Here are some of things we were able to get done along with our partner:

  • Installed Water Mains in 10 builds
  • 40 Main Line Items-repairing toilets, sinks, faucets etc.
  • Installed a commercial water heater
  • Brought many bathrooms up to plumbing code
  • Electrical upgrades: GFI plugs, bathrooms added
  • Improved plumbing and electrical concerns

Milltown owner Fred Jr. says”It was a  a great opportunity for Milltown and our partners to give back in the way we do best!”

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