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Ask Our Heating Contractor in Chelmsford: How Can You Prepare Your HVAC for Spring?

Ask Our Heating Contractor in Chelmsford: How Can You Prepare Your HVAC for Spring?

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Spring in Chelmsford isn’t quite like the spring we see on clothing commercials. Last week’s impromptu snowstorm was a not-so-subtle reminder that shorts weather isn’t coming quite as soon as we’d all like.

However, despite needing to keep your scraper in the front seat, spring really is on the way. Get started on your seasonal cleaning in Chelmsford by tackling a little HVAC maintenance.

There are some tasks Chelmsford homeowners can manage themselves while others are better addressed by a professional heating contractor.

One of the easiest and most effective spring cleanings steps Chelmsford homeowners take is cleaning or replacing their HVAC unit’s air filter.

Filters prevent pet dander, dust and other particles from entering into your HVAC system. As debris collects on the filter it starts to impede the flow of air to the unit. Follow your owner’s manual on how to remove and clean the filter. Usually warm soapy water and a dry towel are all you’ll need to get it clean.

Once you’re finished cleaning, or replacing your filter set up a reminder to do it again in 30 days. Chelmsford can get pretty muggy in the dead of summer which means you’re AC will be working overtime as well as it’s air filter.

Another “honey do” on the spring-cleaning list you can complete without the assistance of a heating contractor is remove trash, dead foliage and overgrown vegetation from the outdoor coil. Even with a cover on (which reminds us, spring is a good time to take the cover off so you don’t forget on the first hot day of summer and blow your whole air conditioning unit out. You’ll definitely need a heating contractor then!) debris can find it’s way in and around your outdoor coil. Clearing it away will improve the performance of your system.

While you’re clearing the outdoor coil you might be tempted to spruce things up with a little much. Please don’t. Your HVAC unit needs to “breathe.” Mulching around the bottom of the unit can restrict airflow.

Our last bit of advice is to call a heating contractor and schedule your yearly HVAC tune-up. Spring is a great time to have a professional heating contractor, like the techs at MillTown Plumbing, come and give your ac system the once over. Spring is lovely in this area, but it’s fleeting. You do not want to be one of the frantic people who call us when a massive heat wave hits Chelmsford in the middle of August. Avoid the future hassle, call us today.

By Milltown Plumbing