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What Causes Leaks in Your Air Conditioning Unit in Tewksbury, MA?

What Causes Leaks in Your Air Conditioning Unit in Tewksbury, MA?

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So it’s the end of summer and you think there’s no reason to worry over your air conditioning unit in Tewksbury, MA—understandable, considering your cooling system didn’t run into a problem all summer, right? But as you prepare to pack it up for the year, you notice leaks coming from your air conditioning unit. At first, you may think it’s not so big of a deal. It’s just a leak. What’s the worst that could possibly happen?

Well, your air conditioning unit’s ability to provide you cool air is one thing. The truth of the matter is that your air conditioning unit in Tewksbury, MA, and the comfort of your home, can take a turn for the worst the longer you allow a leak in the system to persist. Even when you think it’s no big deal, one leak can greatly disrupt your system’s cooling capabilities, leading to you spending money on system replacement much sooner than expected.

When there’s a leak in your system, you need to call MillTown for further assistance. Summer may be approaching its end, but you need to make sure your cooling needs are all set before packing it up. That’s why our team of cooling experts are more than willing to help you with leaks and a whole slew of other issues before the season finally reaches its close. We’ll ensure a happier end to your summer, and a more graceful transition into fall.

3 Reasons for Leaks in Your Air Conditioning Unit in Tewksbury, MA

As far as we’re concerned, the key fixing leaks quickly is knowing what exactly is causing them. The next time you notice your system is dripping, it may be due any of these following reasons:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: The leakage from your cooling system may not necessarily be due to water; it may be refrigerant instead. Refrigerant leaks can result in the air conditioning unit losing pressure, resulting in the evaporator coils to freeze. Once those coils melt, it can send a large amount of water in the the drainage pan, resulting in the pan overflowing.
  2. Clogged Drain Line: The condensate drain line in your air conditioning unit can be clogged by dirt, dust, and debris that will allow water in the line to back up. The backup can result in leaks spurting out of the line. Though this is arguably the most common reason for an air conditioning leak, it still requires the attention of a professional who will know exactly what steps to take in getting it fixed.
  3. Clogged Air Filters: A clogged air filter in your air conditioning unit can block air flow and make your system work even harder to produce cool air. In the process, the dirty air filter will also cause your evaporator coil to freeze. Since the melting coils will drip an excess amount of water into the drainage pan, an overflow will occur easily, resulting in a leak.

If your air conditioning unit is experiencing any of these types of leaks, contact MillTown today if you want learn more on the ins and outs of your air conditioning unit in Tewksbury, MA!

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