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4 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair in Dracut, MA

4 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair in Dracut, MA

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AC repairman working on a compressor

Air conditioning repair in Dracut, MA is key to maintaining a steady flow of cool air in your home this summer. Summertime in New England can be fun, but it may not too fun if your home is unequipped with working air conditioning, especially when the outdoor temperatures begin to reach record highs. Some homeowners will make the mistake of allowing any minor air conditioning problems grow into something much worse, leaving them paying plenty of money on repair that would’ve otherwise been avoided had they simply called for service upon the first sign of a problem.

Well, if that’s a fate you want to avoid this season, pick up the phone and call MillTown Plumbing today for air conditioning repair in Dracut, MA. While you may think your air conditioning is never going to experience problems this summer, you may want to think twice. A breakdown with your cooling system can occur at any time, and the team at Milltown Plumbing aims to be there for you whenever you need professional assistance.

Air Conditioning Repair in Dracut, MA: How Can We Help You?

While there are no repairs our team of technicians can’t make, we find that these 4 repairs are some of the most common we perform:

  1. AC Compressor Failure: The compressor of your air conditioning is arguably the most essential part of your air conditioning system, especially when you consider how the compressor is responsible for eliminating any heat or humidity in your home. Without it working, your air conditioning will cease to work as well. Our compressor repair service isn’t just bettering your cooling system; it’s keeping it alive.
  2. Evaporator Coil Repair: Your evaporator coils need to be cleaned and maintained or else the run the risk of blowing air filled with mold and other bacteria into your home. Moisture on evaporator coils runs a high risk of bacteria growth and create health problems if the air is breathed in. Since maintaining the well-being of your family is our top priority, our evaporator coil repairs can ensure better air quality and improved health.
  3. Clogged Drain Line Repair: The drainage tube within your air conditioner can become blocked and result in condensation leaking from the system itself. The condensation can be the cause of water damage in your home, which can be expensive to have cleaned up. A technician at MillTown Plumbing can take the proper steps in getting it fixed.
  4. AC Filter Replacement: Dirty filters in your air conditioning will force the system to work even harder to produce cool air. While this is something you can do your own, filter replacement can be conducted by a professional at MillTown during an inspection of your air conditioning.

Contact MillTown Plumbing today if you need any of these 4 types of air conditioning repair in Dracut, MA and you can expect the best service possible!

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