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9 Symptoms of a Plumbing Leak in Massachusetts

9 Symptoms of a Plumbing Leak in Massachusetts

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The plumbing in your home can be a complex system for many homeowners. When properly working, it can provide your household with temperature-controlled water that’s certain to be clean. However, this system is also prone to a variety of problems that can hurt its productivity or structural integrity. Even the smallest plumbing leak can cause major damage to your Massachusetts home if not found and repaired. Failing to find a plumbing leak means that your home will face flooding and water damage. Luckily, there are many ways to tell when your plumbing system leaks.

Here are several of the signs that your Massachusetts home has a plumbing leak:


Mold and mildew

A common problem caused by leaky plumbing is the growth of mold and other fungi. Fungus likes to grow in damp, warm places, and your plumbing can provide both. Mold, in particular, is known for causing a variety of health problems, which can become serious over time.


Warped wood

You’ll often see wood warp when exposed to too much water. For instance, wooden doorframes can warp and make it hard to use the door. Common symptoms of warped wood include discoloration, uneven surfaces, and curved planks.


Warm, damp flooring

Damp floors are often a sign there’s a plumbing or foundation leak. You can tell if it’s a sewer or water heater leak if the damp spot happens to be wet. Warm water is more of a threat because it helps propagate the growth of fungi.


Musty smells

Plenty of fungi have a musty odor that’s easily noticeable. If you’re noticing new musty smells in your home, it’s a good idea to give us a call.


Damaged roofing shingles

It’s not too difficult to notice a leak on your roof if you ever get the chance to look up there. When the roof is leaking, you’ll notice shingles becoming bald, curling, buckling, or go missing altogether.


Cracked garage floors

The inside of your home isn’t the only place where a plumbing leak can occur. A leak in your underground water lines can cause your garage floor to crack. Some underground leaks can also cause soil corrosion, making parts of the house settle at a lower level.


Damaged paint and wallpaper

When leaks occur in the walls, the water can damage the paint or wallpaper covering the wall. When this happens, paint can peel and warp while wallpaper becomes cracked and discolored.


Damaged flooring

No matter what kind of flooring you use, leaking water can damage it. Keep an eye out for warping, stains, soft areas, loose or cracking tiles, peeling caulk, and damp carpets.



Normally you’ll only see condensation beading up on your walls after you take a hot shower. However, if you’re seeing it in places where it normally doesn’t appear, a pipe might be leaking behind the walls.


Stained walls and ceilings

When the roof is leaking, you might see stains show up on the walls and ceiling. Keep an eye on the color of the stains. Dark brown or copper-colored stains usually mean the leak is coming from a pipe, not from a leaky roof.


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