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6 Advantages of Cleaning Your Pipes With Hydro Jetting

6 Advantages of Cleaning Your Pipes With Hydro Jetting

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Inevitably, your home’s plumbing will eventually get clogged. Whether it’s hard water, flushed trash, or something else, your pipes are certain to get clogged one day. But how do you clear out a clog? Like the many ways a clog can happen, there are just as many ways to unclog your pipes. One of the more efficient methods that we offer at Milltown Plumbing is hydro jetting. First, we’ll use special cameras to look inside your pipes and see what’s blocking the pipes. Then, we’ll spray the blockage with a blast of water ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 PSI. This type of blockage clearing has advantages over conventional methods.

Here are six ways hydro jetting is better than conventional methods of blockage clearing:


It helps prevent future clogs

When we jet clean your pipes with water, not only do we clean out the clog, but it also clears out any other debris in the pipe. By heavily cleaning the pipe, we can help prevent future clogs from building up, saving you money on repairs you would have had to call for.


It’s very versatile

Hydro jetting is capable of doing more than everyday residential jobs. It’s capable of handling jobs of all sizes. Are your restaurant’s sinks clogged from too much food going down the drain? We can jet it out! Are tree roots blocking some city sewer lines? We’ll just jet it out!


It’s non-invasive

Often when you have a problem with your sewer line, you need to have your garden dug up so the pipes can be accessed. With hydro jetting, that’s not the case. All we need is access to an opening at the beginning of a section and we can snake the hose down the pipe to the blockage.


It’s environmentally friendly

Hydro jetting indeed uses a lot of water, but it’s a lot less environmentally damaging than other methods. Other procedures use techniques or chemicals that can do far more damage to the environment than jetting. Also, the lack of chemicals in hydro jetting means it can be used on properties near lakes and rivers.


It’s highly effective

Conventional plumbing methods are fully capable of clearing blockages. However, what are the odds bits of the blockage will stay in the pipe? Hydro jetting will fully clear out any traces of the clog and any other debris in the pipe. With traditional plumbing methods, they can leave behind residue from the removed clog. Over time, that can build up and cause slow draining or another clog.


It’s faster and more sanitary

It should come to no surprise that plumbing isn’t a very clean job. However, sanitation is still important in minimizing how dirty it can get. When working with plumbing, there’s the risk of debris and sewage coming into contact with the plumber or worse, your home and the surrounding environment. Hydro jetting is faster than traditional methods, which reduces the time the plumber has to spend in contact with sewage.


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