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5 Questions to Ask Before Water Heater Installation in Lowell

5 Questions to Ask Before Water Heater Installation in Lowell

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If your water heater has decided to quit on you, you’re probably in a rush to replace it. After all, you and your family depend on hot water for a lot of every day activities such as showering, washing the dishes, washing your clothes and just maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. But before you make a snap decision, you’ll want to consider these questions before any water heating installation in your Lowell home:

1. Should you choose a conventional or tankless water heater?

The biggest factors to consider are cost and energy efficiency. Tankless water heaters cost more upfront but are more energy-efficient and will lower your energy bills. Conventional tanks are more affordable technology that will allow you and your family to use hot water all over the house at the same time.

2. What are the more significant benefits with tankless water heaters?

Since tankless water heaters only heat water as needed, this is the “greener” choice. Another thing to consider is its small size. Tankless water heaters can save you room for other things in your home. They can be installed in tight quarters, such as under the sink. Tankless water heaters also have good temperature compensation ability and create an endless flow of hot, pressure-filled water. You may also be able to receive tax credits for purchasing and installing a tankless water heater.

3. What are the big disadvantages to tankless water waters?

The upfront cost of a tankless water heater is about five times more than a conventional one. Installation will cost you too. Tankless water heaters require a little more maintenance as well, so that means installing water softeners and getting it serviced more often.

4. Should you just stick with a conventional tank?

You may choose just to go with good ole reliable technology that has proven itself to be efficient enough for millions of American homes for over 100 years.

5. How long does a water heater installation take?

It takes 2-3 hours to install a conventional tank. Tankless ones will take longer. Removing your old heater will take about an hour because of all the safety measures. Your new heater then needs to be positioned and connected to the appropriate power sources and water lines. Gas unit take longer. After installation, it will be tested and adjusted so it runs as smoothly as possible in your particular home.

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