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4 Common Reasons for Clogged Drains in Tewksbury, MA

4 Common Reasons for Clogged Drains in Tewksbury, MA

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No plumbing problem this spring can stop you in your tracks faster than clogged drains in Tewksbury, MA. Many homeowners think of them as minor problems, which is a huge mistake. One clogged drain can turn into a plumbing nightmare that will see you lose access to your most essential plumbing fixtures, including kitchen sinks and toilets. When a clog occurs, you need to find a solution quickly before it’s too late.

But what exactly can make your drains clog? What sort of things will turn your home into one giant plumbing disaster? Well, the team at Milltown is here to help you. We want to your home have clog-free drains for this spring and beyond. We believe part of ensuring that possibility is identifying all the ways in which your drains can become clogged beyond belief. The more you know about what can cause clogs, the more likely you are in avoiding them!

What Can Cause Clogged Drains in Tewksbury, MA?

If you want to ensure a clog-free season, please take the right steps in avoiding these 4 common clog causers:

  1. Cooking Grease/Oil: Have you been cooking a lot of meals lately with grease or oil? Those meals may be tasty, but it won’t sit too well when that grease or oil winds up in your drains. It can actually build up and harden within your drains, making passage through them downright impossible. Please discard grease or oil in the regular garbage before you wash any dishes in the sink.
  2. Dish Soap: That dish soap may be perfect in eliminating any tough stains on your dishware, but its thick consistency can also prove to be a source of clogging in your drains. Similar to grease or oil, a buildup of dish soap can make passage through drains impossible. Only use small doses of dish soap when dishwashing to avoid any potential trouble.
  3. Physical Objects: Toilets, sinks, and showers can also be clogged due to physical objects. We get it; accidents happen. But it’s important to be careful with what you put down your drains. Anything from children’s toys to eating utensils can accidentally find themselves lodged in your drains and create a massive clog.
  4. Food Particles: If you don’t have a garbage disposal that can chop up larger pieces of food, clogs can occur quite easily. Larger pieces of fruit, meat, and vegetables are some of the most common clog causers. They may be delicious, but your drains would beg to disagree.

If you want to learn more on what can cause clogged drains in Tewksbury, MA, please call Milltown today!

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