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3 Warning Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Chelmsford, MA

3 Warning Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Chelmsford, MA

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The water heater is a major part of your house that is in constant demand. It is generally designed to last about 10-15 years. Fortunately, you can have many problems fixed so the unit lasts for its expected operating life. Ignoring the warning signs of water heater repair in Chelmsford, MA means you might have to pay for more expensive repairs and replacements down the road. Inefficiencies may drive up your energy bills as well.

MillTown offers the most reliable water heater repair in Chelmsford, MA. Many people opt for cheaper fixes but by heeding the warning signs you can act fast on common problems. The three major signs to consider water heater repair include:

  1. Water is outside the heater. If there is water collecting around the unit, this is not a good sign. There could be a crack in the tank or a bad connection. The general rule is leaks only get worse over time and lead to more serious problems. Even a slight fracture is a big issue because it will expand when the metal gets hot. More water will leak while when not in use, the opening might close enough to stop the leak, at least temporarily. The problem may also be with connections, fittings, or the temperature/pressure overflow pipe. Whatever the cause, signs of a leak mean a repair technician must look at your water heater.
  2. Your water is rusty-looking. Rusty pipes can be the culprit, but brownish or reddish water coming out of your faucet might mean there is lots of corrosion inside your water heater. You can check the heater off the list by draining five-gallon buckets of hot water; if the water stops looking rusty by the third bucket it’s probably a pipe. If rusty water is still visible, have a technician come service your water heater for repair.
  3. It’s getting noisy. Rumbling, banging, and other sounds are a sure sign you need water heater repair in Chelmsford, MA. Sediments build up inside the tank, especially after a few years. You’ll hear sounds as the unit is heating up because the debris has hardened. Repairs should be sought quickly before there is major damage to the tank and you spring a few leaks. Something might also be causing water to overheat or hot and cold water to mix.

Any of these signs mean you need water heater repair in Chelmsford, MA right away. You might have heard these might mean the unit needs to be replaced. This is not always the case, so have an expert technician check your water heater before it’s too late. MillTown is a contractor you can rely on so if your unit is leaking, noisy, or you see rusty water, contact us for an inspection, expert advice, and quality service.

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