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3 Easy Solutions for Drain Cleaning in Lowell

3 Easy Solutions for Drain Cleaning in Lowell

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So you’ve got a clogged drain—how unfortunate! But before you lose your cool, think of the ways you can help remedy the problem. Yes, while nothing can compare to work from a professional service, you can also do your share with drain cleaning in Lowell. You don’t just have to sit around and allow a single drain clog ruin your home’s plumbing system. In fact, there are probably several resources available in your own home!

Milltown Plumbing is here to show an aspiring DIY drain cleaner like you a few easy solutions for those times when a drain clog appears out of nowhere. With our team’s collective years of experience, we know exactly what to do to make your drains spotless. Plus, if you’re experiencing a clog that proves to be too complicated for you to handle, please call us for drain cleaning and we’ll fix your drains in a hurry!

What Drain Cleaning Solutions Should You Use?

If you want to know how to get rid of clogs before they worsen, please use the following quick, easy solutions at the next possible chance:

  1. Baking Soda & Vinegar: The best drain cleaning solutions can sometimes be found in your kitchen. Mix 1/3rd cup of baking soda with 1/3rd cup of vinegar in a measuring cup. This mixture causes a fizzing sensation that will eliminate any blockages in your drains. Allow the mixture to sit in your drains for at least an hour and then flush with hot water.
  2. Boiling Water: Now if you want an extremely quick solution any homeowner can use, simply boil water and pour it down your drains. All it takes is a pot of water and little bit of heat and you’re good to go. In the same fashion hot water is effective in cleaning dishes, boiling water will free up any source of clog.
  3. Dish Detergent: You probably have a bottle of dish detergent somewhere in your house, right? Well, it may be the perfect solution for your next toilet clog. Pour ¼ cup of detergent in a clogged toilet bowl and then add some boiling water. Dish detergent will act as lubricant to free up any sources of clogging, and the boiling water will provide extra help.

Contact MillTown Plumbing today if you want to learn more on what you can do for drain cleaning in Lowell so you can wave goodbye to clogs!

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