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Sewer Main Line Cleaning in Chelmsford

As a responsible homeowner looking to properly maintain all parts of your property, it’s crucial to schedule sewer main line cleaning once a year. Let’s face it: sewer cleaning isn’t a fun task for anybody, but it’s vitally important in order to maintain a hygienic, functioning plumbing system.

Over time, sludge and sediment buildup in sewer lines. However, the longer this goes on without the drain being cleaned, the smaller the actual diameter of the drain becomes—and the more you risk getting a clogged drain. At the same time, the roots of trees and shrubs on your property grow into your drains looking for the nutrients in the wastewater. And these tree roots can cause clogs that are very difficult to remove; plus, unless you remove the trees and shrubs, the roots will keep growing back.

When your sewer gets clogged, that means the wastewater can’t be properly flushed away, which in turn can lead to overflow in toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks. Naturally, this is an unpleasant and unhealthy situation you want to avoid at all costs!

Benefits of Sewer Main Line Cleaning

Professional sewer main line cleaning can help you avoid these kinds of nightmare scenarios. By having your sewer main cleaned once a year, you remove all of the buildup in the drain, plus, you can even get rid of any tree roots that might be causing problems.

Nowadays, we use an advanced plumbing technique called hydro-jetting to quickly, effectively and non-invasively clean sewer main lines. Hydro-jetting involves forcing water at high pressure into the line, which then flushes out all of the sediment and other things that shouldn’t be there. The best part is that because it’s water, it doesn’t cause any damage to the lines!

Choose MillTown for Sewer Main Line Cleaning

For top-rated sewer main line cleaning, call the team of experts at Milltown. Our people are prompt and professional and know how to clean your main line quickly and effectively. In addition, we can help you determine how often you need main line cleaning depending on the number of tree roots obstructing the drain. And of course, we’re available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have.

Don’t wait any longer: call MillTown for the service you deserve!