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Main Line Excavation & Repair in Chelmsford

When you own an older home, one of the biggest plumbing jobs you might need is main line excavation and repair. The main line is the line that runs from your home to the municipal line. This pipe was installed as part of your home’s original plumbing system when it was constructed, and usually runs beneath your yard or driveway.

However, over time, this line can become blocked or damaged. The buildup of sludge and sediment inside of the line can cause clogs. At the same time, the pipes can burst due to tree roots and even burrowing animals. And once the line is damaged, water will leak onto your property. Sometimes you’ll see water pooling on the surface, while other times, the soil around the pipe will start to erode.

The Benefit of Main Line Excavation and Repair

 A good plumber will always first determine if the main line can be repaired with a non-invasive technique such as a repiping or a sleeve. This involves inserting a new pipe into the old one and then sealing it completely so it doesn’t leak. However, this technique can’t always be used—and that means you’ll need mainline excavation and repair.

It’s important to note that though excavation is inconvenient and messy, it’s usually a very good thing for you, the homeowner. When you upgrade the quality of your main line, your entire property can go up in value because the upgrade ensures the health of the line for decades to come.

Choose MillTown for Main Line Excavation and Repair

 If you live in the greater Lowell area, call MillTown for main line excavation and repair. We’re highly experienced in performing these jobs as quickly and effectively as possible. What’s more: thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge with main line installation, excavation, and repair, we can advise you on the best types of materials to use in order to ensure the best possible performance from your plumbing system. And of course, we offer warranties on all labor and parts.

To learn more about main line excavation and repair and request a free quote, call MillTown right away!