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Backflow Prevention in Chelmsford

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy water supply in your home involves backflow prevention. Backflow occurs when water pressure in your plumbing system drops due to frozen pipes, a burst pipe or an unusually high demand on your water supply. When the water pressure drops, the flow of water reverses and wastewater from the municipal main can enter the clean water supply in your plumbing system. Obviously, this results in an unpleasant, unhygienic and possibly dangerous situation, because wastewater contains organic waste and contaminants that can be detrimental to human health.

Benefits of Backflow Prevention Devices

 Fortunately, this scenario can be prevented by installing a backflow prevention device. This is a mechanical plumbing appliance that’s installed at the water main where clean water enters your property’s plumbing system. The device relies on a specially devised valve or an air gap to prevent the flow of water from reversing.

In general, municipalities require that homeowners install a backflow preventer in their plumbing system.

The benefits of installing a backflow preventer include:

  • It safeguards the quality of water in your plumbing system.
  • You don’t need to worry about backflow complications in the event of burst or frozen pipes or another situation that causes the water pressure to drop.
  • Your property’s plumbing system will be up to code.

MillTown Ensures Backflow Prevention

 If you’re constructing a new home or if your current home is having a problem with backflow, you need to have a backflow preventer installed. This is a complicated job that needs to be performed by a professional Master Plumber in order to ensure it meets local municipal code regulations and functions properly.

The team of experienced plumbers here at MillTown has almost 40 years of installing backflow preventers in homes in the greater Lowell area. So no matter whether you need to replace an old backflow preventer in an existing property or install one in a newly constructed home, we can do this for you quickly, cost-effectively and in full compliance with municipal codes. And of course, we only use the highest quality products, so you can rest assured you’ll get value for your money.

To find out more about backflow prevention, call MillTown today!